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I wrote an article on my website where I talked about his death called "The Bareback Porn Wars" on

I don't know Chad Noel, so I will try my best not to presume to guess anything about his life.  I've not heard any corroborated reports as to his cause of death other than "AIDS complications", which could mean any number of things.  

I think it's unfair and entirely disingenuous to start screaming from the rooftops that if he didn't do bareback porn, he wouldn't have contracted HIV.  In truth, Chad will probably be the only one that knows the moment he contracted it, or the behaviour he was employing that left him open to transmission.  If there are friends/family in his life that do know, they're keeping it to themselves and respecting his memory (as they should).  To see people stamping their feet on Facebook or Twitter saying that "Bareback Porn is Killing our People" is disappointing and in reality, it's untrue.

1000 years and a lifetime ago, I was that naked 20 something year old in front of the cameras putting it all out on display to make a few bucks.  For me, I was paying for a drug habit that almost killed me.  

During those few years, I made alot of seriously wrong choices, and contracting HIV never concerned me much if it meant I could get a free score from you.  I've seen information that I can't confirm independently that Chad "MAY" have been a drug user and if this were true, then I understand the mentality of being young, desirable and having a habit to feed.

To be clear, I am a staunch HIV advocate, but I am also a realist.  If you could magically remove all the bareback porn in the world, you're not going to inspire people to say it's time to play safe.  Until there is a cure for HIV, they have to be inspired to make the smart choice, even if it's not the convenient one.

A young man is dead, and far before his time.  That is the issue at hand, not the minutiae of the bareback porn industry, a production company that produced the movies or his perhaps even having a drug habit that propelled him to his end.