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Tweeted! @saucyredhead915

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OMG! Too many scents to choose. I REALLY like the Coconut or Rosemary Spearmint!

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What an incredibly moving and powerful post. The way its written and flows is magical. Someday I hope to be able to forgive the way you have. I have MUCH less to forgive for and I still struggle.

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Your posts amaze me. They reach out and tug at my heart and make me question what I can do to help make this situation better for people who are living it. As far as disposable people. That's a tough one. I feel every person was born for a reason and their life has a purpose. But then I question what about criminals like murderers & rapists - what is their purpose? To teach us to be more compassionate? To teach us about pain & healing? I suppose I don't actually know but I do NOT believe people are disposable. Also? Much like your bi-annual visits to Gabrielle's grave I have a friend who was hit over the head with a hammer in what her assailant claimed to be "an acid flashback (bullshit)" I call her every year on the anniversary of the incident to make sure she knows I love her & I'm glad she's still here. Some people think it's morbid but I can't let her continue to live with those memories and not know that is loved and appreciated. Thank you for writing this. You are inspiring...

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I could walk to BTV from my house :)

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Congrats on your new place! And the membership at Sam's Club is ridiculously awesome!

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You DO need to cross Vermont off your list! Come on down (over? up? - ah hell, you get the picture!)

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I have room for you in Vermont if you need to cross that one off your list :)

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Nothing like baby hands and nuzzling twins to make me smile! Thanks!

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I don't have any children so maybe it's not fair to butt in. But here's my $.02 anyway. My sister is MUCH closer to my mom than I am. I physically live closer but it's nothing to go a few weeks without seeing or speaking to my mother (whereas I believe my sister's umbilical cord was never actually cut! I'm talking calls 3x a day and seeing other on an almost daily basis). Then there's my BF. He was raised by an AMAZING single momma and we try to see her once every 6-8 weeks and they call, text & e-mail frequently. I know my life is far from the norm but maybe that makes you feel a bit better?