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An enjoyable read and sorely needed as high civilization hangs on, by merely fingernails these days. I was reflecting on the destruction of the library at Alexandria and the ensuing 1,000 years of darkness, and it gave me much appreciation for today's American-led high point in global rights of man, and woman (oh how women have suffered throughout the ages).

Regarding movies, Black Swan is a masterpiece of High Art. It certainly meets the criteria outlined, and I enjoyed a persistent physical reaction to the experience of watching it (a kind of spine-tingle) for days afterwards. Here is my testimony:

I would also include The Matrix in this category.

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God Bless America!! Another blow to those would surrender our sovereignty.

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BSG was the best show in television history: best writing, best science fiction, best drama, best story, best occult themes, best eroticism, best special effects, best political themes, best casting, and best acting. A complete masterpiece. Anything more from the creators of the show is most welcome, god be praised.

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Leave off Jane Fonda?? Never, she definitely belongs in the Top 10, using her celebrity against our guys who were fighting and dying in the field of battle. And also because she is on this committee, which is still very much active right now:

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He is a disgrace, but we knew that already many times over. His handlers, by the way, very much approve of his golf playing as seen here:

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Thankfully Obama's handlers, and their reaction to his frequent golf outings, have been revealed here:

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I don't know about Lenin, but Obama was found to have spent time with Marx on Mars in preparation for his assault on Earth and the USA: actual footage of the training:

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Great post, I believe graphic design in destiny in all aspects of our lives. Hence my disappointment with Dan Patrick's recent change. Check this out: