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Back when this phenomenon really started and these books were mostly available in street corner bookstands and beauty parlors in New York, a local paper did an expose and revealed that the two most popular authors were white ladies from New Jersey.

I remember being wildly unsurprised.

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For some insane reason, Colby flew the students up for the minority scholarship to campus on Valentine's Weekend. (Protip: Valentine's is in goddamned February and Colby is goddamned Maine.) Add that to the fact that we lacked keycards to get into any buildings and there was a nationwide snowstorm and we all almost died.

I was accepted to Colby and elected to go, honestly, anywhere else.

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If Daniel Radcliffe were your boyfriend, you would never lose your laundry card and your bluetooth speakers would connect to your computer on the first try, every time.


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Richard Ayoade. Would have been brilliant. So much of a long shot that it was fun to think about. But Neil Gaiman says that he knows a black actor who was offered the Doctor and turned it down.