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398 weeks ago @ - Why The Economist thin... · 1 reply · +4 points

If I wrote a "dear reporter" post every time someone blatantly used a quote out of context, ran a story without checking the facts, didn't accurately name the source of a story, or "forgot" to include information that made the story go in a direction they hadn't already decided to go... then that's all I'd do. And yes, this happens a lot more than it should, but it doesn't mean that every reporter out there is like that.

Why do they think it's OK to call out every person in our industry for the actions of a few who represent the worst qualities?

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It was great to meet in person. Look forward to seeing you at the next meeting and keeping up with you via blog. :-)

417 weeks ago @ http://www.3twentysix.... - Vintage Typewriter · 1 reply · +1 points

Awesome! I learned to type on a mechanical typewriter. I only see them in antique shops now.

420 weeks ago @ Adi Gaskell says... - Should influencers be ... · 1 reply · +1 points

Adi, I've had a post in draft about paying bloggers for a few weeks now. I started it when I got feedback from several fellow PR pros about their dismay that bloggers expected to be paid and my assertion that they needed to include that as a line item in an online outreach plan budget. My biggest point is that, while you pay for the space and their attention, you do not pay for their viewpoint. Thanks for the post, I may actually finish mine now.

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My favorites from your list, in order of importance:
* the Walking Dead -- I considered listing this twice to convey how much I love it, but decided the note would be enough
* Homeland -- I am working my way through Season 2 again. I love the show.
* Dexter -- I can't believe this is the last season!
* Sons of Anarchy -- waiting to see what they do with next season.
* Boardwalk Empire -- a little disappointed that it looks like the wife is coming back this season.

I would add The Bridge to the list right now.

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I had already queued this on Netflix, but now I really want to watch it. Thanx for the review.

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It's always a good thing to branch out and write for other sites. I'll take a look at your post. congratulations and good luck.

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I moved on from the Filofax (which I loved loved loved) to the Levenger system. I am in love now that Staples has a knock-off version. Cheaper and I get to see what I'm buying when I buy it instead of having to order online and guess. :-)

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I have found that both online and offline events I live-tweet increase my followers, as long as the hashtag is known. If not, the effect isn't visible.

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Great pics! Looks like you had a lot of fun.