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«...climate denial is now almost a required position for anyone with strong right wing views.»

Please post evidence that people with strong right wing views deny that there is such a thing as climate.

(with apologies to a certain troll)

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All they have pointed out is that there is more room for sharing of raw data and perhaps open sharing of source code used to process it. And that such openness would shut up people like McIntyre before they waste everyone's time even more . That is all.

You imply that the entire body of climate science has no uncertainty analysis. This position can only be held from a position completely removed from the actual body of science. I think I'd find it hard to find a paper which did not have such figures.

Summaries - choice of language for policy makers - they are communicating science, not science itself.

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Shame on the Gisbourne Herald for posting a disinformation piece from the C‘S’C on this topic. I have written to them using the form.