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This is why I'm one of the few people who lists Calvin's DAD as my favorite character from the strip. Because there's no question why Calvin is as screwed up as he is.

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Hmm. MMA dentists? Pretty cool.

Still not as cool as pay-per-view nun fights, though.

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I feel that way about spas. Spas totally creep me out. From the ridiculous array of totally organic chemicals designed to make you naturally look like nothing nature intended to a bevy of people who get paid to touch you in ways that make you feel good but totally aren't borderline prostitutes.

I have tried to do the spa thing a few times. If other people are willing to spend goo gobs of money on this stuff, it must have some redeeming value, right? I mean, I have learned that expensive suits are worth the money, if you put value on looks and comfort. But I still can't get comfortable with anything resembling a spa.

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In 2002, I was fired. It was a complicated situation, but basically my boss was a terrible bully who had already run two other people out of the department (of four). He used the system to find a reason to fire me.

At the time, I had recently finished my education to change fields, but was having issues finding a position that a) would accept education without relevant experience and b) would pay a decent wage.

My mother-in-law happened to need a database built (my new field). She agreed to pay relo costs to move us and put me in for a security clearance. I agreed to accept about 80% of the going rate (which was still a raise for me).

Ten years later, I'm an in-demand professional with an excellent resume and a great salary. And it probably wouldn't have happened without that initial boot to the rear.

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If you read the note at the end of the commentary section, it mentions that that button is currently borked, but will return to service soon.

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When my wife was a small child, she apparently straight up convinced the babysitter that she had a brother and a sister. But that her mother didn't trust the sitter with the other children. The sitter confronted her mother about it. Hilarious!

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So, the alt text means that Dr. Robot is exactly like Rudolph, except where Santa never asked him to guide the sleigh.

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To me, Nick Fury will always be portrayed by David Hasselhoff, as God intended.

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I was so wanting Wesley Crusher to show up on the bridge of the Killerprise, put his hands on his hips, and say "Robocop!"

This movie so actively avoids making sense, that I wonder if Lindelof did it on purpose. Or, was his carefully crafted script hacked apart and stitched back together specifically to service the action/effects scenes? Based on Lost, I'm guessing the former.

And yet, I enjoyed the movie. Part of this is that I LONG ago gave up on Star Trek making sense. There have been precious few tightly scripted Trek episodes, and no movies. The whole damn premise is a plot hole. So, I went in expecting big effects, a difficult moral choice, a bunch of fan service, and some awesome Cumberbatch. That's pretty much exactly what I got, plus some really good Kirk/Spock moments.

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I'm in pretty much the same boat as Conrado. I got on the college network (a VAX system) in 1990, which had an internal forum. It was either 91 or 92 when I ventured out into the wider Bitnet world (we thought those "internet" people were in a ghetto, because they didn't have utilities like "finger"). I got on a bunch of email lists.

Then, in late 92, I discovered Usenet. If you young'uns don't know what Usenet is, go search Google Groups. Go WAY back in the archives. That's Usenet. Fortunately, I graduated and got out of Usenet just before the Eternal September.

I was off the internet for a bit, until I went to work at an ISP in late 94. That was my first experience with the three Ws. I also learned about MUDs and shit. It's been all downhill ever since.