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Gone by Lake Ontario many times, but never really think about going in it around Kingston. Having no sand beach doesn't help.

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There's nothing to do in Kingston for New Year's. So I just stayed home. Last year I worked midnight shift till 7am on NYE so being home was better than that.

I'm betting bars don't go all out for a reason you pointed out, all the college/university students are gone. They see a big chunk of the bar crowd that is not here so they don't feel like trying. Vicious circle, the bars don't think they can attract a lot of people so become lazy. People who do want to do something leave town and take their money elsewhere or stay home. The bars don't see a big jump in business on NYE..... lather, rinse, repeat.

When I was a little kid it was staying up to midnight that was the big deal. A firework display is nice, but if it's 3 hours before the year changes, I don't see the point. Take out the kids, go home and still have to deal with them trying to stay up to 12am. Strange idea.

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Not sure if it has it now, but Walmart did used to have a sign inside that called itself 'Kingston West'. Foreshadowing their plans a bit.

Also in the West End another US store coming. Says one that is not in the city right now. Ironically in same area as Lowe's which the City tried to fight and we know how that ended. Cost taxpayers $60,000 in legal fees. No fight this time of course because the Springers are involved. LOL.

‘Major U.S. retailer’ eyes land near Lowe’s

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Will be missing the Festival this year. Have attended in the past but too busy this time around. And it snuck up on me too.

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Only report I got was from a cab driver who was filling in for someone on a Saturday. Said LOTS of early drunks stumbling around the downtown area in the afternoon. I did see bars with signs having some sales on drinks. Princess Street blocked off of course, but he said seemed the ones who had a few were forgetting the side streets are still used by cars. Some walking against the lights and right in front of traffic. He said he had to slam on the brakes at one point to not hit a drunk who decided to run across a road. Luckily he stopped in time.

Honestly that's the only mention I heard all weekend about the Promenade. I forgot it had happened till Sunday morning and I saw Saturday's paper. And I work downtown. Go figure. More people were talking about the Triathlon for what it's worth.

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City being slow on having something new in the downtown? I don't believe it. :)

Grapes is someone with enough pull to wake them up hopefully.

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Obvious point. If the Springers were involved in the NBL, you'd think the city would say a peep about those same things? Of course not. In a couple of hours I will be walking by 'Springer Market Square'. Need I say more.

Grabbed a tweet from Neate Sager. Covers junior hockey for Yahoo Sports.

"Really, Kingston, really? You gave the Frontenacs the sweetheart deal of all time but screwed it up with the NBL. #sameoldsameold"

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I'm glad that Pierre will be off my TV in Canada soon enough. Sorry you guys will be stuck with him.

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As for what Ted can do over the next 4 years in Parliament, not sure. CON have a majority, NDP is the opposition and when you are part of the 3rd place party you are in a tough spot.

Although seeing as we had the Speaker of the House who could not vote [unless in a tie] and had to stay neutral at least Ted doesn't have that to deal with. I met Milliken a few times and he did a great job as Speaker. Idea of all parties agreeing on someone over and over for a decade is mind boggling.

On a funny note check out the front page of The Whig, we all make mistakes but this was a doozy yesterday. They apologize for spelling Ted Hsu incorrectly. I know, you would think that name would've been drilled into their heads over the election. Spelled it "TSU" on Tuesday in the main headline on the front page. Oops. The stranger one was they also apologized for calling Daniel Beals, 'Nathan' and then 'Eric' in the same edition. All right then. This is where Kingstonist is very glad this is a blog and can make easy corrections. :)

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Haven't had anyone come to my door so far. Quite strange. Have had people before. Now automated calls have come through which are quite annoying.