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OMG!!! I especially love it when he gives her a cute little kiss on the head. This makes me want a Moby wrap so badly, and I don't even have any kids yet! One of the baby sling companies needs to sign this guy as a spokesmodel ASAP!

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Oh, exactly! My students only have 20 minutes of recess, which I don't think is enough. I'm always telling people, kids WILL play around. It's a necessity. If they don't have an official recess, they'll create their own recess...usually during math class!

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Totally agreed! I am an elementary school teacher, and I'm always distressed by the extent to which I have to train kids NOT to be kids in order for them to be successful in the school setting. I often dream about building a school in which kids can be themselves, and learn through exploration and play. Of course there are times when calm, "good" behavior is necessary, but there are also times when adults need to chill out!