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Well said guest!!! I am sure if ingabire happened to take the reins of this country (God forbid) she would immediately put on her ethnic hat and history would repeat itself. tutsis would have to flee for their dearl lives back into refugee camps. Corruption would prevail. Insecurity would be appalling. Nepotism would be the norm. What has been achieved would take a nose dive. The likes of Ann Garisson would pitch camp in Rwanda masquarading as advisers (imagine a sexual pervert advising apresident of the republic)There would be no more confidence in government, he army, police by the people. In short, Rwanda would be in a state of anarchy.

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And what skills does Kayumba posess that would make him a better leader than Kagame? Well, perhaps he knows swimming - he swam across River Umuvumba when he was escaping. He is a coward. I can assure you that a dictatorial Kagame is better than a million ingabires, Kayumbas, ntaganda and Habineza. To lead Rwanda is not just everyone's piece of cake. We need a strong and strict leader

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Ok, no problem, let us go back to the contents of the article, and i have A FEW WORDS: THIS IS SIMPLY A POLITICAL DISCOURSE
1. Which political parties? a political party cant be one unless registered
2. The situation of newspapers, which newspapers? these are tabloids, gutter press with kabonero and gasasira opinions only - should every Rwandan be allowed to start a newspaper for use to bash a neighbour or politician they hate?
3. Military reshuffle 'and what is supposes'- its that, a strategic military reshuffle, there are no suppositions

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O f course Ann, aimable, agaba would shout: THE HEAD CHOPPER!