Rustic Garden Bistro

Rustic Garden Bistro


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11 years ago @ Ezra Pound Cake - Meatless Monday: Roast... · 0 replies · +1 points

Ha! I love the bomb squad story. :-)

Wow, and these look delicious! I'm looking for "good looking food items in small edible packages" to host my summer book club meeting with. I might have to make a version of these!


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I know exactly what you mean about the free weekend! This is the first "free weekend" we've had in a really, REALLY long time. I am officially locking myself up in the house. Cooking, baking, and more cooking... and blogging. Happy free weekend to you! [K]

P.S. Awesome coffee cake. I heart coffee cake. :)

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Love tomatoes! And like Near East couscous, too. :) This looks delicious. Lucky for me, I have about 10 varieties of tomatoes in my backyard. I ought to send you some. ;-)

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We've got zucchini and yellow crooked-neck squash growin' out back right now - when they're ready for the takin'... I'm ready for the makin'! Can't wait! [K]

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Came across your blog today - looks lovely! I was actually looking for ways to use up cilantro last night - should have come here before cracking open my cookbooks.

And love the blood oranges - wish I had a tree. [K]
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