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Er, you might want to edit your spell checker because the new word is "geocache" and not "geochace." Some poor chap has probably just lost a game by using "geochace" after reading this ;)

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Although it may be currently unfashionable to suggest that Apple and the iPad are not about to save the world, I suggest that Julie Elliot's statement "“We underestimate the power of just putting technology in a kid’s hand" needs to swap "underestimate" for "overestimate!" There is, as yet, no compelling evidence - other than the gushing optimism of those in the thrall of tablet technolust - that handing out technology to students is educationally sound. The notion that somehow "the kids of today" are innately more savvy than anyone else when it comes to technology is nothing more that wishful thinking by folks trying to abdicate teaching for instant technological solutions. Kids are simply better consumers of tech, but have little knowledge of what it is apart from what it does. Most kids know how to access Facebook and post pictures, but appear to be surprised when their weekend drinking photos turn out to be public! They can attached a picture of a naked girlfriend to an SMS message but are shocked to find other people can then distribute it freely. And they may be able to use a word processor but not a spell checker.

Substituting machines for teachers is a bad idea. Always has been. Handing out laptops, tablets, and whatever new - and cheap - options appear while cutting teaching staff may be kind on the budget but short-sighted from the educational perspective. Perhaps the ability to play "Angry Birds" is not a critical skill for teachers to teach, but no flashy, 3-D, multi-function iCalulator will teach you math any more than a word processor can teach you to write.

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Hootsuite is great if you are already an online Hootsuite user. For me, the ability to schedule tweets ahead of time is critical - something Hootsuite offers. The free version is well worth trying. I had both Seesmic and Hootsuite running for comparison purposes and have since uninstalled Seesmic. Horses for course, I guess, but this is my current favorite.