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Hilariously, the chef at Izumo (as Discover Japan is called now)... is Korean. I know the guy! I disagree with the idea that sushi can only be made by the Japanese. To me, good fish that is well cut and well presented is more important than the ethnic origin of the chef.

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Quotation marks usually suggest the use of a quote. Unfortunately, I didn't say "second-best sushi in Kingston" anywhere... Regardless, I wouldn't but Sapporo or Sakura in the same realm as Akira. In my opinion: Sima, Akira, or bust...

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I really like Akira but I find their service is pretty slow. I personally prefer Sima for fresh fish and amazing service!

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Harvey, get delivery! Wait at home in your underwear. Like me.

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The table looks like you are eating on grass Harvey! I like cambodian village, but as above, I am a bigger fan of Cambodiana. My favourite is Royal Angkor but the cook and his wife who run the shop by themselves are overworked and pretty crabby. I've had times where I have called for delivery and after 9 rings, he answers: "BUSY NOW. CALL BACK 15 MINUTES." But damn their Golden Chicken is good.

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My vote goes to Golden Chicken. A Pat exclusive. Can't be found elsewhere. I personally am a fan of the one at Royal Angkor or at Cambodiana!

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When I go out for coffee, I always get espresso or an espresso-based drink. I never get drip coffee because I feel that I can make that at home. I am personally big fan of my Bodum French Press. I got a Krups Burr Grinder for about $100 at Home Outfitters and I get my beans from Cooke's (I really like their Chez Piggy blend) or from Coffeeco (really like the Guatemalan and French Roast there). Freshly grinding the beans before using them in your French Press (or even drip coffee maker for that matter) really makes the flavours pop! Getting a grinder really changed my home coffee scene, if you know what I mean.

I agree that some purists would say that to truly test a barista, you should look at their espresso alone, especially paying attention to the crema on top. But.... I don't usually drink straight espresso. I like the warmth that steamed milk provides. If I want a little extra coffee taste, I go for the cappuccino. If I want something warm and comforting, i grab the latte. Since I like steamed milk in my drinks, properly steamed milk is yet another deal breaker for me!

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Lack of Internet is a deal breaker for me. It isn't that I always go to a coffee shop armed with a laptop either. I just find that free Internet, especially because it is so cheap to provide, makes a shop so much more welcoming and friendly. I similarly hate it when hotels do not offer free wireless.

Now that you mention echoey, I agree with that comment! Coffee and Company does have a very tall ceiling and the sound does sort of project in a strange way. I wouldn't call it cozy at all but I like it for what it is.

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I love the point-of-view photos here Harvey. I feel like I am there, living through your experience in photos. I wouldn't say my burger was dry so much as I just wish it was juicier? I like my beef super fatty.

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Whoa.... a Peter's Drive In reference! Nice! I love that place. The burgers are somewhat lackluster, the fries are not super tasty (though they give you a lot), but those shakes. Damn I could go for one of those shakes right now.