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What is interesting is that some Jews, maybe many, believe their religion confers superior intelligence and yet, here we have, in Israel, a country which claims to be Jewish, such high levels of stupidity it really puts paid to the myth.

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The United States has long stood as an example as what not to be. Those living in the First World are grateful not to be born American. Those living in the Third World have no such luxury and if they are lucky as immigrants, will not end up in the United States.

This is a nation founded on arrogance, greed, lies, violence and myth all papered over with delusion. Not much has changed.

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The correct term is NON-JEWS. It has nothing to do with Arabs. Israel ensured non-Jews would be permanently banned from their country of Palestine.

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What a joke. The Israelis are truly insane. As if the Palestinians would accept such a ridiculous farce when they know that in time there will be a one-state solution and they will be a majority.

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And the worst of it is that Israel treats the Palestinians in general but the Palestinians in the Gaza prison, as it does simply because they are NOT JEWS and are therefore considered by Zionism, to be sub-human. What beggars belief is that any sane person could support the Zionist State of Israel.

Zionism and Israel do not represent Judaism but unless Jews speak out and reject the Zionist State of Israel, utterly and categorically, they will be held as complicit in Israel's atrocities.

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Yes, I understand that and I also understand that the German/Nazi attitude to Jews was common in many parts of Europe at the time because of the part Jews played in the Bolshevik Revolution.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. However, two wrongs do not make a right and because some followers of a religion do terrible things, it does not make all followers complicit or responsible.

And yes, the Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution were not really Jews because they were atheists but the Jewish practice (delusion) of pretending Jews are a race, not a religion, means that anyone who claims to be a Jew, atheists included, can call themselves a Jew.

The tragedy and irony of Israel is that most Jews are not Jews but atheists although the Zionists really took up and pushed the fantasy that Jews are a race and a people. They are not and never were. The first Jew was a convert. You can convert to a religion, or drop it, but you cannot do that with a race.

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The Jewish experience of holocaust is not a complete hoax. No-one disputes that many groups, including followers of Judaism, suffered terrible experiences of holocaust at the hands of the Nazis. However, there is no proof that 6 million Jews died and indeed, this number was first mooted in the 1890's by the Zionists who used it as a threat to force support for their colonisation of Palestine.

Census figures indicate around 300,000 less Jews in Europe in 1949 compared to 1939 and the figures are further confused in that the counting included the deaths of all Jews, anywhere in Europe, during the period of the Second World War, regardless of circumstance.

However, it is foolish to claim there was no Jewish experience of holocaust. Whether 300,000 or in the millions, it was all too much.

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If Jews do not reject the State of Israel they will be held responsible for its atrocities.

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Unfortunately the Jewish experience of holocaust has been turned into a constant Hollywood epic. Yes, followers of Judaism suffered under the Nazis but many people suffered under the Nazis for their religion and other for their race, culture and sexual prediliction.

The Gypsies on a per capita basis lost more people but their story remains virtually untold. Judaism, in the hands of Zionism, has taken the holocaust label and milked it for decades in an attempt to justify the immoral theft and colonisation of Palestine.

Living a myth, often a fantasy, Zionist Israel is incapable of appreciating suffering by anyone other than followers of Judaism even though Zionism was founded by atheists and is a political movement and not a religion, despite drawing on the worst and most elitist teachings of Judaism to serve its ends.

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Australians have the same people sources as the US, Canada, New Zealand and indeed many other countries founded through immigration.

The US was also a place where the English put their convicts and they only turned to Australia when that option disappeared.

The First Fleet contained half-starved convicts, many of them children and their guards. Free settlers began to arrive not long after.

The only difference perhaps between Australia and other colonial ventures is that so much was achieved by people considered by the English to be the dregs of humanity. The nation stands as a testament to opportunity, freedom, sunshine and hard work.

The actions of a deranged individual are not particular to any culture sadly, and are most common in the heavily armed US where such events are weekly, if not daily happenings.