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:O I just saw ur HOTD header... awesomesauce!! Did you create it yourself?

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no idea... I guess i'll see when the time comes if im up to it. Work has been sucking up all my time recently

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Yay Jormungand! That one is definitely on my list.. Although, I still have no idea what else i'll be watching. Will decide later this week
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:O... How could I not realize you were back until now? I actually just thought of you and was gonna send you some sad puppy 'i miss you' eyes.

wells its great hearing from you again. imma start working on my response asap.

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awww,, will miss you :( hope you enjoy though!

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Violence sells! Jormungand was one of the best shows of the previous season, at least in my humble opinion. @Valmet, while she is wayyyyy too tough for my liking she is definitely one of the most badass characters in the series. (the most badass being Koko herself).

Come to think of it.. Koko reminds me of Miss Integra from Hellsing... not the most powerful when it comes to physical abilities but has guts and nerves of steel, and never hesitates to take a first shot at someone's skull when it is demanded

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HIYA! Firstoff SUP CELY!! Sorry ive been gone for so long (life kinda caught up to me) but I hope you didn't think you were free of ur top stalker just yet :P .

Jormungand, tis a pretty cool anime... @ep 9.. twas awesome in the beginning how they threw Jonah around like a ball.. I think the last time he ended up on shore though (that mustve hurt)

I must say i'm looking forward to some more insight on Koko too, lets see how that tactical genius came into being.

well im off.. see you verrry soon *evil laughter*

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hmmmm, okay im convinced! goin go look at it right now

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Okay Its done :) . Feel free to sign up and add your blog whenever you wish.

ps. you are officially the first blogger I have told this, wont be launching and spreading the news until tomorrow morning :) .

*whispers* if.. if you find any bugs or have any ideas for improvements please tell me, haven't exactly tested it extensively

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lol actually ive only decided on zetman thus far, and I wont be reviewing it... This season ill be doing general posts of older anime plus... I'll kinda be super busy working on a super secret project.... #TOP SECRET# http://infinityanime.com #TOP SECRET#