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We enjoyed "Savages" too! It's rare that we go to movies at the theater, so getting to go see an adult movie was kind of a treat.

We've always been big Pixar fans, altho I'll admit I'm kinda soured by their recent shift to churning out sequels. We were really disappointed with "Cars 2" and "Toy Story 3" - both of those were too intense and the peril seemed too real and I had to take Liam out to the lobby to settle down and dry away the tears.. So "Brave" was kind of a redeeming movie since we all enjoyed it. In fact, we liked it so much that we already pre-ordered on Amazon!

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So lemme get this straight - we dare not ban assault rifles or tactical armor, but yes, by all means, let's outlaw little magnetic balls. Because, yeah, a few small-ish caliber rounds to the gut would be preferable to getting a small magnet lodged within the digestive tract.

This is knee-jerk reactionism triggered by poor parenting judgement. Its our job as parents to reduce the likelihood of our young children putting hazardous things in their mouths, be that magnets, rocks, Twinkies, Red Bulls.

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Jeez, Bruckheimer must be kicking himself something fierce for not thinking of this first!

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As you suggested, I also feel that people are giving Hastings way too much credit here - it isn't that he suddenly become remorseful over having treated loyal customers so badly. Instead, I'll bet that this change of course is purely motivated by plummeting stock value.

Netflix was already embedded in just about everything but your toaster yet rather than continue to build on the captive audience within that already-installed base, they spurned their loyal fans, got greedy and blew a phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime market lead.

Regardless of how much backpedaling they do now, it’ll be nothing short of a miracle if they ever fully recover, especially given how arrogant and cavalier they've been in the past 3-4 months..

This is pure, swift consumer karma in action. Make room on the loser’s bench, TiVo & Palm!

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Incredible how much he's grown!

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There's a lot of classic Looney Toons flavor to this also.

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Too familiar... I just use the USB ports on the accompanying Dell monitors.

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We call Liam "Pop Tart" even tho we've never, ever bought him a box of Pop Tarts. It was a nickname cribbed from John Corbett's line on Sex & the City, "What's up, Pop Tart?" Dunno exactly why that lodged so deeply in our brains, but, well, it did.

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Good Lord, that's terrifying! I'm sure it will have run its course. For the most part, our little adopted guys seem to have superhero immune systems, probably due to the orphanage environment.

By the way, when I discussed a similar (but less extreme) bout of fever that Liam had with my nursing pals, they unanimously cited liquid ibuprofen as being better for pedi fever control than acetaminophen.

The nurses also said that they alternate those meds (starting with the ibuprofen) every 2 hours in cases of really persistent pedi fevers that won't break.

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I've gotta admit - though certainly not proudly - that part of what made the transition harder for me as a new Dad is the difference between me and my peers.

That is, I felt like the decision to become a Dad - biologically or otherwise - carries with it some implicit lifestyle changes & sacrifices and as such, I should take an equal share in the parental responsibilities and duties. But my friends who are Dads follow a different code... While I spend most evenings sorting out the next day's clothes, brushing teeth, doing bathtime, and pre-bedtime reading, my buds are out shooting hoops, playing poker, going to movies, or playing Xbox. And I really resented that for quite awhile.

My buds are still fairly detached Dads and, honestly, I'm (privately) kinda critical of them for that. But I've mostly come to grips with all of this and I've decided that, well, it's their loss.