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I've always loved you, Patricia.....

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A truly crushing loss. I enjoy this site so much - and what Andrew brought to the conservative cause.. Larry O'Connor (listening to you on Hugh Hewitt right now) - please keep it alive.

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She should get "slimed" for such clueless utterances. Barry certainly rushed the grab bag of campaign promises he called a "stimulus" through in a hurry. Guess they didn't get that news on the Glee set.

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Stupid article - can't believe its posted here. All I want Romney to drive is Obama out of office.

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Man, that dude sure didn't learn anything in Mr. Hand's class...(except how to order pizza).

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None of her poems rhymed anyway....

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Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

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Michael Medved is the most informed, evenhanded, and reasonable conservative radiio host the nation has. It's a fantastic show and I encourage all to listen. As opposed to many he has a mastery of facts on a number of topics inlcuding taxes, infrastructure boondoggles and foreign affairs. He is a blessing to this nation, "the best on god's greenest earth.".

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I thought Bill actually nailed this. I also found it hard to "memoralize" someone at the Grammy's after she bascially killed herself the night before - and basically at the hotel of a party she was supposed to perform at. And then Tony Bennet goes on "that " stage and says "hey we should legalize drugs everybody"! Even his drummer looked perplexed. She probably died from a combination of several "legal" prescription drugs and alchohol - so Tony you must have your toupee wound on too tight.

Bill was right on with this one.

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Bill was right on the money with his commentary. I was wondering how he would handle this - and Tony Bennet's totally misguided remarks at Clive Davis's Saturday night bash (that Whitney was supposed to sing at) regarding "legalizing drugs" played right into it. Tony's toupee is obviously screwed on too tight. She probably actually died from legal drugs and alchohol. Bill was right on about this one.