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Promising an appointment to a federal office by a candidate in exchange for support is a crime. Title 18 chapter 29 section 599 of the United States code is very specific about such promises, and the punishment that goes along with making them

Surely the Obama administration would never try to illegally influence candidates with promises of appointments?!

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I'm surprised it took someone this long to mention Wal*Mart.

Shop there and you annoy liberals on multiple levels!

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To people on the left, any comparison with the KGB and Soviet Union is a compliment.

I vote Gaystapo.

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List as many positive things as you want about unions and any good things they may have done.

I can't help noticing that all of them are in the past tense.

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It doesn't work as well as it used to. Thanks to Obama, the RAAACISM Card has been downgraded by S&P to a RAACISM Card.

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He'll wear an SEIU pin, but still shudders at American flag pins.

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I actually feel sorry for most TSA agents because they are only following orders from above

At the risk of Godwinning the thread, "I was only following orders" is not a defense.

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Testing... Testing...

The new site looks good! (Bonus points for the Hitchhiker's Guide logo)