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Thanks you John, for this brilliant and deeply moving article.. I find it impossible to be proud to be an Australian.

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Very well put. And in part explains the current increase in ant-Jewish feeling.

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An excellent article. The Guardian's traitorous behaviour is sickening.

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An excellent suggestion. But I doubt if the secret services will permit that. He'll accidentally discover a discarded bottle of soft drink, take a swig and die from a "Russian" nerve agent.

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You are correct. Australia is a vassal state of the USA. All media is USA controlled and censored. All politicians unquestioningly parrot US propaganda. Australia is not a sovereign state, it is a pathetic colony.

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He would not be safe in Australia, We are the lap-dog of the USA - Our history of slavery is the same, our untrammelled exploitation of the land is the same, we have the same desire to go and make war on other countries.Like the British we are unquestioning followers of the USA just as the USA is to Israel. An independent Australia has always been a figment of the imagination. First we sucked at Britain's teat, and now the USA. I am ashamed. We will not even support the Gazans to have a UN enquiry!

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An excellent summation of the situation - not only in the USA but also in Australia, Europe UK wherever politicians worship the US. The daily fear mongering broadcasts against Russia and China in Australia are as sickening as watching politicians tug their forelocks to the scourge of Capitalism.

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A brave statement. Thanks. It is not only USA's enemies that have learned to despise and hate the USA, but also most thinking citizens of the countries the USA imagines are its allies. One day, treaties will no longer be ratified with such a country..

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Thank you, You are absolutely correct. Australia is just as culpable as the rest of the 'West' - perhaps even more so for blindly following and giving unqualified and unquestioning support.