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Someone on facebook posted something similar the other day with "I know I'll miss these days later on". I commented that you'll appreciate those days, but things change and kids get older, more mature, helpful. She wrote, "I know, I know - you'll always miss these days". My reply: "I didn't say you'd miss them - you'll appreciate them, might look back fondly - but you'll NEVER miss them :)".

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Thanks for including me and my ceiling fan shots :) - my wife is so proud. I would definitely add @transitionpete and @gnicholson3 to the list of individuals worth the follow. Pete does some great experimentation and posts lots of great interesting posts of everyday stuff. George is good to show how he's doing what he's posting in landscapes and such. Both guys are also great encouragers and highly interactive - check them out if you don't believe me. :)

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Only the photos might've been over the top. But honestly, I've threatened this before. Much ado about nothing - and if I were her, I'd defray some of the $500 with letting them be the LABOR in fixing what they've broken.

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Thought the same thing when reading the "news" the firs time this morning. My own kids had to wait til they were 13, even with friends getting on with or without parental permission. And yes, most folks don't know it's not allowed for under 13.

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1) there was a decent response from WACH last night on their evening news. Balanced, had the PUB POLITICS guys on and the station manager. Not sure if it's on their site or not for review.
2) My guess is that this wasn't Haley herself posting, but a staffer. It may or may not have been straight from the Governor. But it wasn't removed - so it's at least still her responsibility.

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Would love the opportunity to read/review stickyJesus - a friend pointed it out to me and it's up my alley for using social media and IRL connections to share info and good vibes. - rick1j13@gmail.com

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I'm okay with location apps, but for me personally it's mainly "I'm somewhere cool if anyone is nearby and wants to say HI" - or "look what I'm eating - be jealous". I'm not generally paranoid, and adding this question in mind constantly is more mindgame than actuality, isn't it? Do you have a story of someone checking in on Gowalla at the mall and being robbed by burglars waiting by Twitter?

My one caveat is that I never posted "we're on vacation" posts when we were in Baltimore this summer. I checked into spaces rather sparingly - but anyone wanting to get into my house would already have to have been stalking me to know there was a history/story here. We don't post "we've left for the weekend, coming back Sunday" - teaching kids that as well. And I'd be more concerned with kids checking into movies and having problems there than someone saying they're not at home. Anyway, there are things to do (like wrapping your PC) but otherwise it's no big.

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Curmudgeon much? :)

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Nuance is hard in 140 characters. And in Hawaiian shirts. :)

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My pushback on this one is that in FL, one side is being extremist-ly antagonistic. In NYC, that "other" side is not being antagonistic and to my knowledge is not extremist. If anything, I would hope that the NY-folks-being-perturbed would lay down their own anger-animosity-unforgiveness and welcome the mosque in good faith, in forgiveness, with grace.