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Speaking for myself, a woman who lacks cooking skills is a dealbreaker. The stomach doesn't lie. My view is that if me and this woman get married, we have a family, and God decides to call me home, I need a wife that can step in and assume that role without the need or urgency to replace me. That means financial, culinary, spiritual, etc.

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Interesting that it was brought up about how others will hate on the interracial dating situation when one or both of them is attractive............... let me elaborate on that.
If I see a black woman that I am physically attracted to on the arm of a white man, I will definitely feel some type of way about it, especially if the white guy she's with is blatantly corny.
Most brothas will assume she's with him for the same reason Chili went "the other way" because 1.) He met her income requirement and/or 2.) She deliberately sought him out because she couldn't have her requirements met with black men.
However, as I have personally worked to become more open to women outside of black and latino (not there yet, but trying), at the end of the day, you love who you love, you fall for who you fall for, and you can't let your network (especially if you went to a HBCU and/or pledged NPHC) block your blessing.

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Yeah, that's definitely DC. Other areas of the country, in my experiences, a LOT of women that are within my peripheral circle (HBCU, Greek, advanced degrees) absolutely refuse to "date down". Some are even willing to date "outside the circle", or even hope and pray that their ideal black man gets a divorce and open up a spot for them to ensure they will not "date down", let alone "marry down". A lot of them are like Taraji P.'s character in "Think Like a Man" (ironically Taraji went to Howard), yet these women believe so much in their own brand (even in their mid 30's) that they will wait to get what they want.
Speaking for myself, I have no problem "dating up" as I am secure in the lane God has me in. If it becomes a problem in the relationship, given my aforementioned statement, it won't be my fault.

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I will cut to the chase here since I admittedly did not read the comments above:
I had this conversation with a good female friend of mine a few days ago, and I could hear what I was saying when this exact subject came up.
If the right woman came into my life TODAY, I would be ready to court her TODAY. I've come to the point in my life where I can't let the moving target perception of what defines a man to hinder me anymore. I can't worry about that. If I did, I wouldn't get married until I'm in my 40's. Above all, it's about when God deems me (and my wife to be) ready for each other.
I've done just about everything a single man can do (except an escape to Rio, but I digress), so I say it's about that time. And where I'm at in life now, if God wants it to happen, it will. PERIOD

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Some women don't even get past the first 3 dates because of music. If I'm rocking George Duke, Stevie Wonder, SOS Band, Lalah Hathaway, or my own compositions (i.e. REAL MUSIC) and you're rocking Dixie Chicks or Wacka Flocka and claiming that's good music, then we CLEARLY have a problem.

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First off, congratulations on making the decision to take the next step. As a married minded single brotha, I co-sign with every point you made here.
Over the last few years, I have become very picky with the women I decide to entertain. And if it's not going down a path of a woman I want to court towards marriage, it gets thrown into the friend zone pretty quickly. I'm honestly sick of the dating game, but I'm not settling either, which is a hard conundrum to be in.
At this point in my life, I've decided to let go and let God work that out. Until then, I take things one day at a time and keep an empty cup. Remember, faith without works is dead, so as men we still have to do our part at the end of the day.

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