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While, I don't really like Steve Jobs that much any more and I am a HUGE Android fan, he does have a significant point. If Google doesn't figure out some way to deal with all the fragmentation, Android will just become the next Windows—bloated and unable to evolve on par with Apple or other systems even.

The idea of open is something that is really wonderful, but the reality of open is that sometimes you end up having to deal with competing goals and methodologies.

It will be interesting to watch everything unfold over the coming years.

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It's so dumb. If you pay them the money to buy the phone, why do they care what you do with it after you've bought it--they already have your money? I wonder if they were asked to put the feature in by t-mo?

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I really don't have any basis to agree or disagree with Mr. Hewitt, but one thing I do know from working with developers a lot is this: They tend to think their way (or the way they are used to doing things) is the best and any way that is different is bad or wrong. That's not a slam on developers; there are many reasons they think this way and it's part of what makes them good at what they do. BUT, it might be helpful to consider when putting his comments in context.

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cool poll, but you are polling an ANDROID website... would be interested to see what a more diverse population would say...