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If I had a little money to burn I don't see any reason I at least would not have given something. Its more of a character thing, if I have enough of something I feel like I should share it. On another note I am a budding filmmaker or in my own words a storyteller. I never saw a trailer or anything and I went only from the explanation of the film. I am always one to focus on the story. If the story sounds good ( better yet if I had some of the dialogue) I would be be willing to give more because I value the story. More than convincing me that you want to make this film or that your a good filmmaker, I want to be convinced that you have a story that needs to be told.

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I have no extra money

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The entire purpose of OLPC seems to be centered around the idea of access to information. But when I first heard about OLPC I heard in the context that they were given to schools and other government/ non government institutions. Now that I understand that they actually plan to give every child a personal laptop, it seems less impressive and more useless. And its not for any of the social issues mentioned above which I had not considered. The usefulness I see in OLPC is that children can learn how to use a computer and access some information (no idea what). But in my point of view its the knowledge of how that is important not the what. If you give it to every kid its unnecessary step in the education of child on the use of a computer. Its like killing the cow to get milk. As we all know desktops are cheaper and more powerful than laptops. Just put these computers in the schools. Going the path of western individualism is too large of task and a waste of resources.

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they need to do it and possibly (likely) fail, or don't and fail anyway.