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Greetings Erica,

I greatly value your post and think you offer a lot to consider. While you may use the term "worry" and I do understand where you're coming from. I think one could also easily apply the word discipline/d. That also applies to your path as a pregnant yogini. And as we all know, discipline is one of the great attributes of any practitioner.

On a related note, here is a yoga pregnancy documentary I made of one of my students:

It is a short video documentary of her practice. And I do emphasize here that it is her practice and not the practice for pregnant moms.

Again, thank you kindly for your wonderful, soul-searching posting.

Best, best wishes to mother and baby,


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Greetings Stefanie,
Thank you for your research and presentation - you must have certainly come across much in your study. Interesting to hear that 100 years ago a similar discussion was going on, i.e. physical vs spiritual.

The most classical definition of yoga may be the pursuit of atman (unit consciousness) into Paramatman (Cosmic consciousness). These days many say that all expressions of yoga in the US are good as it allows people to enter the fold at whatever level / perspective they wish - and over time they will grow and mature in their practice.

My question: Are there any expressions of yoga happening now in the US which you feel truly threaten or undermine this ancient discipline? For instance: breach of etiquette between teacher/student; use of intoxicants like yoga with wine; or any such other expression that I may not have heard about. Or do you feel that really "it is all well & fine".

As yours is a wide-angle view coupled by a depth of study, would be most interested in hearing your response?

Satyam <a href="" target="_blank">

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Pranam - my first real experience with the Giita came approx 16 years ago while living in a mud hut on a banana plantation in India with one swamiji. We lived one-on-one for quite a while and he told me innumerable stories and tales. Before leaving India that trip, I bought a hardback version of Kamala Subramaniyan's prose version of the Mahabharata - perhaps not very scholarly but it told the story well (along with some flowery language) and I referenced some other texts along the way. For me it was an entire world of devotional fascination and I read it with such zeal I felt as though I was there with my Guru. All I did was read that book and do meditation - the book worked as a stepping stone for my personal devotional journey, which I wish I could put it into better words, Just I'd find my lips quivering and mu eyes pooling during various passages - my mind and body totally vibrated. Truly was transformational. Thanks for the question Bob... omn shanti, Satyam