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I didn't see the original post but seeing this today, I wanted to comment. :) My dad had A-fib for years. For about four years we (my mom and I) would get a call that my dad was being rushed to the ER from work b/c of this. It was twice a year that it happened. Each and every time it happened, I tried to remain upbeat for my mom and family, but it is still frightening no matter what. Good news, he had surgery to correct the A-fib and is no longer on any of his medication! I will definitely keep you guys in my prayers about this! I love the verse you put up from Psalm true no matter what we may face each day.

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This was beautiful! OH how much I have learned from others who have "special needs". I do believe the Lord has placed them in my life to show just how beautiful and simple we are loved and to be loved. Your uncle Ivan sounds like a wonderful man!

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LOL this was funny... it reminded me of many stories from speakers who mess things up while teaching. I heard of one pastor telling his congregation "Foxes have holes, birds have nest but the Son of Man has no head!" Ooops! lol Another guy I know spoke to a group of young adults and told them to "pursue youthful lust" instead of fleeing it!

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I love the jewelry and the reasons they are doing this! Thank you for sharing!!!

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I suggest anything by Karen Kingsbury! I read her books in one day and don't take time to eat. I get sucked in big time. I laugh, cry, and talk back to the characters. Yes, I am that weird! ;) The first book of hers I read was over 10 years ago on my way to India. I was so mad at what was happening in the book that I wanted to throw the book out the airplane window. I knew at that moment, I would read all of her books. She's just that good!

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In the single world of Becky: Today I started out with a wonderful breakfast provided by a local church... a heart shaped Krispy Kreme doughnut. And tonight I will be going on a "fun run" with the running group I train with! Nothing like a good 4 mile run with friends to keep me busy and my mind off of me for the evening! :) (yeah, I am owning the not so much liking being single at the moment!)

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So your post makes the third time in a week that some one has talked about John 10:3, once at church a week ago, second in my Tuesday night Bible study and today through your blog! I love it when God's words are confirmed over and over to me like this.
This is a beautiful story...reminding me that God does hear us when we call out to Him and he understands us and we know His voice as well!
Thank you for sharing!

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I needed to read that quote today! Very powerful!

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I'm right there with you on this! I was spanked and it worked out just fine with me! I learned after a while that spankings were not fun and obeying was much better in the end.

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This sentence stood out to me: "I’m really an introvert hiding in an extrovert’s clothes". I was told years ago by a friend that I am the shyest, most outgoing person they knew. Good post!