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LOVE! Jill, when I read this on my commute, I was dying :D Looks great on you!
So rich, and the halo effect for the colour is just lovely~ Glad it turned out so well for you~

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I should pull out the roller ball again. Haven't used it lately. Though I need a good base for it to show up on me, I do like the dispenser of it

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Oh, no MUFE?! I was going to ask you for a favour, but I can totally understand that the craziness makes people avoid it. I wanted to go this year to stock up on my regulars...but decided to pass on it. Are you working after?? Maybe we could meet up after :D

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I have 4 of these that I snagged at previous IMATS events. I do love them, but have turned to using them as storage, rather than everyday. I made the switch when MAC changed their palette, and reduced the price to about $10. It's just a little easier to open. But magnetic strength, the MUFE totally beats the mac one, and its so sleek! makes the shadows look prettier :P

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Thanks for sharing :) I was actually a little disappointed that the samples have decreased, but the size of the bag makes up for it~^^

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oh my oh my...what awesomeness...gotta see how the prices compare for us...fingers crossed!

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duuuuuuddeee! Love the look!
need to double check if I liked the picture...

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Oh Jill~ Happy Blogiversary!
Hmmm....I actually love the stuff you share on hair care. My oily skin/scalp is slowly starting to dry up, and means that I don't have to wash my hair everyday! So I guess it helps to read about the stuff you use as a co-poo user. Not that I can go full co-poo. but seeing what you use, and tweaking is always interesting for me to read.

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lol I left it on because seeing that tag made me SUPER happy. I mean to snag it at such a great price?! Gotta love it.

Anyway no prob Jill :) We need to meet soon so I can pass you the Cookie Butter :D

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shucks :T I had wanted to try it out cause all the other toronto bloggers were raving about it at the release last year...but never got around to buy it. Mainly because I let my coupon expire DOH. Anyway looks like I won't get in to it anyway. I hadn't realized that it contained so little