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495 weeks ago @ N2Growth Blog - Confidence vs. Arrogance · 1 reply · +1 points

Arrogance joins condescension and patronization as a trio of abusive human practices that may gain someone the "upper hand", a victory or spoils of war/commerce, but destroy the soul of their wielder in the long run. We all need to be thoughtfully introspective and seek out trusted caring advisors to help guard against them and the hubris they produce.

496 weeks ago @ 360WARD - Where do you blog? · 0 replies · +1 points

Thanks for asking! My blog, "RenaissanceRules", resides at www.renaissancerules.wordpress.com

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Reading and digesting a copy of "Rework" would be beneficial to me as I continue study and preparation of a modern Renaissance fieldbook including utilization of Recapitulation and Reformation skills.

497 weeks ago @ N2Growth Blog - The Lost Art of Brevity · 1 reply · +1 points

Very well presented, thank you! Now, to learn how those nurtured to be verbose can be retrained - particularly in politics!

497 weeks ago @ N2Growth Blog - Leadership Interview -... · 1 reply · +1 points

Mike, Thanks for the excellent interview. Knowing how to elicit meaningful responses from interviewees with agenda-free questions is a great leadership art, and you have it!

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Excellent exposition of how to handle a crisis, to consider for one's own life, not just BP (and the Federal response)!

Too often, including in this man-caused catastrophe, massive resources are spent on the "blame game" that could go to solving the problem and moving ahead. Looking back is a necessary part of learning in order to correct error and improve (Reformation: Identifying and correcting error in order to return to a rightful course!!!).

This and other situations impelled to write "Looking Back to Learn - Not to Blame" at http://wp.me/pVUDj-6w on "RenaissanceRules".

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The iPad is your most useful electronic notepad so far. I haven't jumped at it - still find my brain connected to my hand for notetaking, although I can compose well at the computer. Simply put, my moleskine is always there, never needs recharging, is ready to go rain or shine (including when hiking, fishing, on the road), useful at bedside without disturbing anyone, and readable even in intense sunlight!

My synching of notes into my electronic filing system (customized GTD) is via scanner - not too inconvenient as it also gives me review time and often direct input into active work. Still, I'm monitoring your progress & results (pesky spies everywhere!!) - especially to see how you bridge "work" vs. creative thought anywhere modes!

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"Permanent Beta" - a great, healthy alternative to the all-too pervasive "Success Requires Serial Failures" meme! Thank you! :"Dare to Fail?"-BALONEY! See: http://wp.me/pVUDj-4w

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Talking heads "news" and "opinion" are the (relatively) new version of Roman battles in the arena. Give the people an exciting "reality" show to distract them from what is really going on and remove their ability or energy to affect positive change. Good call!