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hey hey hey hey
desu said he did it all
release the whole book please :D

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Your right oliver, the first half was great filled with thing I like, like shota, anal, bj's etc.
Second half, although the art was great, had a panel of yaoi, or guy on guy rape, ntr, betrayal, mind break, you name all the crappy things in hentai the second half had it now mind break i dont mind so much as long as its loving 1 on 1 mind break? i dunno how to explain it. Even still the second half completely turned me off, it was like yes! amazing ive got a great woody first half then second half i literally lost that boner, lol the art is top notch amazing, but the second half is meh. He should have just continued on with various stories about the first half. Lol

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I'm always down for some futa, so thanks for the share :D and thanks to JackSGC for the colouring!

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Hmm if you find content questionable yet still worth sharing maybe just nudge us in it's location or something? :P
Thanks for sharing this though, and a thanks to nightscream for the decensor :P

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Thanks a lot for this! I always love Shunjyo's works such erotic text boosts my arousal right up! great stuff! :D

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HMMM one guy has sex with succubi and makes them love him and empowers them....
One guy has sex with angels and makes them ,love him and empowers them....
This SCREAMS crossover manga in volume 2 that would be epic!!!
And even though this had slight NTR with that one angel, I still liked it! :P

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WOOHOO no NTR!!! (does a little dance)
Happy lovey sex will always win ALWAYS!!!!!!!!

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You should just make a Hanpera redirect section ;o

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god damn what you say is true, but I really don't wanna admit it, I mean fuck this will like force me to grow up and shit and I don't wanna do that! Ive been on the manga/anime high for 4 years and to lose it now... damn

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Yeah honestly when I read this my heart skipped a beat I was like WTF NO HENTAIRULES????? ok, guess Ill just go jump off my apartment now... but yeah the recent sniping of mangatoshokan and onemanga is devastating to me literally. It became a daily routine/ habit to check those sites for manga now I cant even read them anymore! I know ill be able to find updates for the big ones like one piece, naruto, bleach etc, but I'm more concerned about the offhand mangas I loved like wolf guy wolffen crest, dance in the vampire bund etc. Thank god I was a smart guy and decided to list and record every manga I ever liked, completed, was reading or are currently still reading so I WILL find them again, it's only a matter of looking and staying positive that I will find a reader that can withstand this, should have written your manga down folks! still it is very sad to see it go!