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Does this not sound like Planned Parenthood? Donate for breast cancer and abort a baby. PETA and Planned Parenthood are oxymorons for morons.

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Continued from last post:

Colorado Technical University, on line, or on the ground are surprisingly friendly to service personnel because those who have bounced around school to school, your credits are like gold. They will transfer with no questions asked; providing they fit into the degree program that is selected. I go to CTU. I transferred my AAS and what other credits I had and finished my BA in business and now I am in the Master's program for business. Enrollment fees are also waived. Call an admissions advisor and talk to them. For an added benefit, they do not require a GMAT test, or any graduate exam; GRE, etc.

They can also accerate your schooling. Since I am in this Master's program, I re-enrolled for the doctorate's program and if my GPA is 3.3 or higher at the end of my core classes for my MBA, I will drop 4 classes from the MBA and pick up 4 classes for my doctorate. When finished with these 4 classes, I will receive my MBA and I am already jump started into my doctorate.

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I went to Columbia Basin College in 1991 and received my AAS in 1994. Although they have a representative at the school, they do not accept any CLEP credits. They do not participate in SOCAD either. So, if any service personnel are considering CBC, they are located in Pasco, WA, and they are truly not a SOCAD college, but Yakima Valley Comm College is a SOCAD and I found that out in 1991, but that is not saying what they are today.

DO NOT go to Harvard or any of the Ivy Leagues because they HATE the service. Remember, Elana Kagan was the Law Department Dean at Harvard and she was instrumental in kicking the ROTC and recruiters of the campus. The VA threatened to withdraw all funding and they allowed the recruiters back on campus. They are NOT military friendly.

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Free speech is relative in forums like this. In my hometown newspaper, it is the same, free speech is relative and yes, the site administrators determine what free speech is; not the US Constitution. That has no bearing when it comes to liberals. Liberals comprise the majority of the news media in any content style or use.

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This is good!!! Now, the biggest jump will never happen. Washington State to do the same thing. Never happen G.I. Washington is so far gobbled up by unions, it is a wonder that anyone can say anything without a union OK. Hoo Ray for Tennessee!

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There should be a new brand of wiki-leaks just for the Obama Administration. While off subject, this birther business needs to take a new twist. I know what needs to be done, but I do not have the resources, or the notoriety of name. Which creates a concern because there are level-headed people who are not being listened to and those in higher places think they know it all.

This Obamacare needs to blow back into Kagan's face. Need help? Contact me.

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I would hate to disagree with Richard, but I am. While it is true that Obama is not eligiblle to hold office until it is proven that he can, the Secretary of State is the next in line for the presidency. This is of course we revert to the previous administration, then the Speaker of the House, then and still is Nancy Pelosi would become president. The consolation of this whole mess is that Obamacare, the stimulus and the Wallstreet debacle would all be set aside to include the Supreme Court Justices. These mistakes will all be swept under the carpet and never spoke of again.

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Has anyone ever noticed some of the names on this list? They are Jewish. I am not racist or an anti-semite, but let me put this in perspective. Jeremiah Wright is a racist AND an anti-semite. Obama listened to Wright's racist blatherings for 20 years and if that did not sink in fairly well, Obama is a Muslim and they are by ideology anti-semite. Why is it that Israel is not receiving the support of the USA is because in the Qu'ran 5:59-60, they claim that Jews are from apes and swine.

These Jewish named journalists apparently have no idea how Obama and Islam perceives Jews. I think they need a lesson on what the stability of their life would be under Islamic Law. I can guarantee you it won't be peaches and cream.

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I cannot get any figures for you, but the last count I read was over a million.

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According to our laws then, the age of 18 or 19 still constitutes being a minor. That change did not come about until 1975 that people 18 years or older are classified an adult. In 1961, she was still a minor and has not attained the age of 21.