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Indeed these look identical to the borlotti beans that are so common in Italy. I am a huge fan of beans, I wish I could get them fresh here..

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congratulations! Four years are a huge achievement. Keep up with the motivation for your very healthy diet. You pictures of the Athens beach wowed me - in Italy everybody goes to the beach at this time of the year and you could never find such an empty one close to a major city!

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I certainly have been missing you! I have to say I do envy a bit your current lifestyle.. going to swim and walk and taking good care of yourself. Well done on the weight loss! Here in Germany it is gray and rainy and cold and I could certainly do with staying outside a bit more.

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I have to admit I tried to bake an olive oil cake but it tasted a lot like a savoury cake with sugar, so I was not convinced enough to share the recipe! Hopefully I'll have more luck at the next round. I'll give a try to these delicious treats to learn a bit more about what works and what doesn't in the meanwhile. Thanks for the roundup!

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I never used cake mix as well, but my grandmother certainly did. There was a fascination after the war with all items that came 'in a box', as they denoted a new found wealth. My grandmother was not much of a cook, and her cakes were legendary: she took a cake mix and used it like flour, adding pretty much everything else, eggs, milk, butter, with a generous hand... They were almost impossible to eat!

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Your fish looks so fresh and tasty! Yesterday I wanted to buy some, but most of it comes already in fillets so there is no way to judge the quality. I miss fresh fish - you really have to live on the coast for that.

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This theme is great. There is something about the idea of putting olive oil in sweet things that I find a bit offputting, but the few times that I've used it I have absolutely loved it. I'm looking forward to get more recipes and hopefully will have time to try something of my own!

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It is such a nice event! I'm sorry I did not manage to post anything this time, but congratulations to all who submitted their dishes - they are fantastic!

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Roulades are so good and so easy, once you get the techniques for not breaking the sponge (which happens to me now and again, and any time I resolve to take a picture of them..). Bergamot and chocolate must be super good.

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I don't know where or when, but I'm going to taste this herb. It actually grows in Puglia, wild, so I guess I should organise a trip there, or to Greece. Thank you for showing me it exists, now I can hunt for it!

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