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(oops...that should've been sewaholic.net...in case you want to check out her related posts.)

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I think I know the program you're talking about....another blogger I read (sewaholic.com) went through what I think is the same program. It sounded amazing! Best of luck with all of it!

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I love that last dress....very "Alice in Wonderland"!

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I know I fell off the face of the earth for several months, but I'm actually back!!! So I hope you'll still include me in your blogroll.

I haven't changed my tagline since I first started my blog, and that is "...avoiding a quarterlife crisis by taking charge of my life and my finances." I like to think though that my blog basically explores the "personal" in my personal finances...since you're much more likely to read a post about my crises than my investment strategies!

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had to laugh after your cab story....I'm exactly the same way. I recently went to NYC and was shocked at how vulture-like the cab solicitors are...and they get snappy when you tell them no! Glad to hear you came out of it alright though. (Which reminds me of my hitch-hiking adventure story....perhaps I'll tell it sometime on my blog.)

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I've tried working out in the morning, but does anyone else have the problem that they're just TOO famished in the morning to get in a good workout? Whenever I've tried it in the past I've faded out much quicker than if I wait until I have eaten something. I agree though, it does feel great to workout first thing in the morning....both physically and mentally!

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So pleased to officially meet you Krystal! Congrats on the new gig!
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When I started taking the pill I paid it myself....at $10 a pack it wasn't a big deal (back in the days when I was still in college). Eventually I started taking a different pill to alleviate some of the PMDD-like symptoms I was feeling, so even though it was more expensive I felt it was benefiting me more than my BF. If he ever wanted me to get back on the pill I'd definitely consider splitting the cost since I'd have to pay $60+ a month!

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My favorite vacation spot is really any place I haven't been to before! Although I'm lucky enough to live by the beach, so I could always escape there if I need to "get away."

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Love your dress and the flower in your hair! I totally agree....there aren't enough opportunity for normal gals to dress up. I usually end up dressing down more than I'd like to because I hate showing up to a gathering and being super over-dressed. Lately I've been trying to get over it and dress how I want, but I still hate getting those "oh, what's the occasion?" comments when I show up somewhere in a dress. (Don't you hate that?!!)