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This has been a pet peeve of mine for a while, too. It seems to be an expansion of the meaning of "threat" not dissimilar to the expansion of the meaning of "violence." And like that case, it has the unfortunate effect of making the word lose the edge that it had before. The only reason "violence" was condemned so strongly before was that it was understood to mean physical harm done to someone's body or things, but now that it includes mean words, it's harder to take seriously when something is called "violence." Likewise, the only reason "threat" was condemned so strongly before was that it represented a real and presumably credible claim of doing harm to someone, but now that it includes mean words, it's harder to take seriously when something is called "threat."

My intuition is, it's a result of people recognizing the reality that those who claim to be threatened tend to get words of compassion and support, thus incentivizing people to expand what falls into the "threat" bucket. Similar phenomenon with "violence." This works in the short run as most people operate under the traditional definition of "threat," but as the expansion of the definition gets more widely recognized as the "correct" or at least "common" definition, it's likely to backfire. Which will then incentivize the creation of a new category with a whole new word, which will likely suffer the same expansion in time.

As a side note, I'd add that even something like "I want to drag you in the street and shoot you," in between your 2 examples, shouldn't reasonably be construed a threat, but I see it called a "threat" all the time. It's only when a clear intent to take such actions - e.g. "I am going to," "I intend to," "I will," etc. - that the statement is a threat. A simple statement of desire isn't a threat.

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BTW how about posting Tuesday Tally polls on the sidebar? That way it'd show up on the front page, and you might get more votes.

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I think the most important thing that goes to making a fight scene good is, can you actually see and understand what's going on? It's a very basic thing, but anime in general tends to suck at this, with its overuse of zooms and "cool" looking still shots. For us to get involved and invested in a fight, we actually need to get a sense of the flow of it, to know where the combatants are relative to each other and the environment, to see what actions they're taking and why. This is what the best action directors in Hollywood like Spielberg or Brad Bird get so right and what separates them from the wannabes. In anime, I have to point to Shiki's zombie fight scene in Kara no Kyoukai 5 and Illya's Archer fight scene in this season's Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya as two standout examples of directors who knew exactly what they were doing.

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Never having seen her novel illustrations, I was really curious what Oshino Ougi would look like. She's quite the mysterious character, and it seems her theme color is black, with that hair, those empty pupils, and even her undershirt. If she's related to Meme, I wonder how far apart, considering how different they look.

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Definitely a slower episode as you mention, but still fun nonetheless. At the least, it gave us some safe-for-TV paizuri, an that's pretty cool (I'm not at all bothered by the fanservice, as you can probably tell). I'm kinda curious about the little sister now, though. Her cooking style is quite bloody, and nothing seems to faze her. Anyway, as long as the show continues to provide its excellent visuals, I'll be on board, without worrying much of the story. I've said it before, but I think this director may be in the process of out-Shinbo-ing Shinbo.

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Interesting how the top 3 have components from the Bakemonogatari ED - Ryo (supercell) composing the Nisemonogatari and Guilty Crown EDs, and Nagi singing the Ano Natsu ED.

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Gonna be there for the NYAF concert. I was going just for the Haruhi showing, but the Miku concert is definitely a can't-miss.

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Amazing how far the Vocaloid2 phenomenon has gotten in just 3 years. And almost entirely fan driven, too. I wonder just how many hours and hours of Miku's singing have been uploaded to Nico Nico Douga, and how many people have cosplayed as her or her companions in those short 3 years.

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Wow, never heard this before, but I like it a lot.

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Definitely love the design. I wonder whose voice will be sampled. A big voice actor like Luka?