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Keep hitting them, Sarah.

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Fierce Andrew, fierce.

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The minute these protests execute violence, they are no longer lawful protests and should be responded to with excessive force to protect lawful citizens, businesses, and American freedom.

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Sounds like an Obama speech. As much as Obama calls Congress a do nothing blah blah blah, they are duly elected representatives to the nation. If you don't like them, vote them out.

Revealing secret documents is treason, spare me the press and media exemption nonsense, and I would support life in prison for anyone caught doing so, including Daniel Ellsburg.

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That reflection on Spitzer's forehead is kind of scary.

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I agree. People were surviving barely... but when gas crossed over the $4.00 mark the dam burst and housing went with it. Of course housing was going to burst eventually, but it likely would have been delayed a bit if not for the gas crunch.

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Oh boy.

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Because Obama is imposing Marx: "Let all those that haveth giveth to me and my wench to control the flock."

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This Obama punk never met with his War generals after he took office for months. He never met with Congressional leaders for, in some cases, years.

His own agenda has nothing to do with what American's want. Those are the actions of a dictator, not a uniter or leader.

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Why not make cars run on the paper the FED prints?