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Um, I'd say you're a knitter. Cause that's awesome.
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That? Was the shit.
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OMG the belly. I die every time.

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Agreed, the chirp chirp is epic cute. The Juice was also pretty preciousl

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I always struggle with how to reply to posts like this because I know you're not asking for someone to fix it (well, you ARE but since I'm not your husband I'm obviously not the one with that power). But all I can offer are things that worked for us when we had issues like this. What about giving him one set day a week (to start! later more?) when he's the one who does the night feeding so you CAN just go to sleep at 9 and not worry about it? Like dude, it's tuesday AKA your night, I'm going to bed, don't forget to do diapers and bottles before you hit the sack. And is it ok for him to do it twenty minutes earlier? I don't know the situation but if you can push the task up a few minutes so that it's within his window... possibly better odds for success? Just some thoughts. Sorry you're so tired, it really does impact how you feel about everything!

PS, caring for 2 babies and a toddler all day IS manual labor... just sayin.

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Thanks for the tears lady! Sheesh. Hugs though, ugly cry hugs even.

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I don't have words for how cute this is or how jealous I am right now.

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You are adorable, and yes my brows and yours could be BIBFF (Best Internet Brow Friends Forever). Love this post.

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I cannot take the cute. The high pitched squeals are also killing me, she's got dog whistle capabilities I think. I love how serious she is about her animal sounds!