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Enjoyed the read, Scooby Doo was a great show back in the day.

Saw something the other day that made me laugh - almost all of the "villains" featured on Scooby Doo were arrested just for scaring people. Not committing actual crimes or anything ;)

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Really sad topic, but well written and I thought quite respectful. The amount of suffering caused by these sorts of things would be horrific. Murder-suicides are particularly depressing, robbing someone else of their life then taken your own seems quite cowardly imo.

I think it would be a good idea to include a few links to depression and support related websites or helplines at the bottom of this list. You never know who might read it, and where they're at emotionally. Just might be what someone needs to see.

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What an awesome list, great to see something so original. Can't wait to check out a few of these titles, some must be hard to find though. I'd like to see someone make a combination of all 10 films in one, just for the fun of it.

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Haha wow, what a great list. Mind ball sounds like the ultimate battle (of sorts) of wills.

Reminds me of a competition known as the World Championship Tuna Toss - where people compete to throw a tuna fish the furthest distance. Good times.

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Another great list, thanks again TyB!

Some very unique defense mechanisms out there in the world. Surprised that there were so many related to the anal region :P

Personally, my favourite defense technique is to scream "Look out behind you!" then run off.

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Nice list, one that lead me to ponder a few things. So a lot of people consider the first work of science fiction to have been published in 1666. I wonder why there was nothing published in this genre before this date? Perhaps it has something to do with our knowledge of the world, and how in earlier times our own planet was enough cause for wonder and amazement that we did not need to think of imaginary worlds?

Or perhaps it has something to do with the history and development of literature. I know most early books were focused on religion and publishing a book was an arduous task, limiting the scope of available genres.

Whatever the reason, I'm glad it came about because it's a genre that I certainly enjoy.

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Makes you wonder about other foods as well, not just fish. Sure some things obviously look like they're supposed to be eaten, but there's a whole lot of foods that are just bizarre- and you wouldn't know they're food by looking at them. Makes you wonder about the thought process of the first person to try some of the stranger foods, did they just put it in their mouth hoping it wouldn't end badly?

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Unbelievable, the diversity of the animal kingdom is amazing. I guess you could say that these are the animals that nature got 'right', being largely unchanged for such a long period of time. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Just like to say this list was very well written too. I think the amount of information for each fish was spot on - any more would have been too much and any less just not informative enough. Thanks a lot TyB!

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Beautiful entries, amazing how something so aesthetically pleasing can be created from things that aren't that appealing on their own. I'd be interested to see mosaics that combine a large number of hideously ugly individual pictures to create a beautiful overall image, or vice versa. I think that would create a nice effect.

Makes you wonder what they did with all the leftovers for the food mosaics too. I imagine the sushi was eaten and the Gatorade given away or something similar. I wouldn't have been interested in a cold coffee though, so that one seems like a bit of a waste.

The 'buttons' mosaic was my favourite by far.

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The skill lies in thinking of it in the first place - especially these days where it's becoming more and more difficult to think of an original concept. It's like a lot of modern art that people criticise by saying "I could have done that". The fact is, the artist actually DID "do that" - and they had the imagination to think of it first (most of the time anyway).