Nate DeMontigny: PM Editor

Nate DeMontigny: PM Editor


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maybe, just maybe, the truth will come out and these three boys (now men) will be free!

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I greatly appreciate the honesty with this post.

We like to think, that when our partner becomes pregnant we have some say in the matter. While to an extent I think we have an opinion, the overall decision is to be made by the woman. It is her body and he mind that is being affected directly.

I believe life is something to be protected, whether that be the mother to be, or the child to be. The choices we make are not easy sometimes, but done in a manner that is compassionate and caring always wins out in the end.

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FANTASTIC idea! I'm getting a box ready stat!!

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Loved this Adam, you really hit the nail on the head in explaining how we shape ourselves, or unknowingly, reshape ourselves with our online identities. Grey is good!

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Try these guys...

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Thanks for helping us get the word out about the Blogisattvas!

ps. Nice stogie Kyle!

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I see your point and am moving on, thank you for clarifying.

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Not necessarily criticizing, just questioning...

In the article that you've mentioned, specifically the one in The Guardian in reference to HHDL on violence. There is something I'd love to quote, and will.

"What the present Dalai Lama argues, in his message of support, is that violence and non-violence are not always what they seem. "Sweet words" can be violent, he explains, when they intend harm. Conversely, "harsh and tough action" can be non-violent when it aims at the wellbeing of others."

To me, the Sea Shepherds fall into the "harsh and tough action" category. They have vowed to save these sentient beings, the whales. There intention is not harm, but with action, the intention is to protect. Just like those in the military would protect those that are attacked by others.

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John.... How would you be more skillful in this situation? How does sitting in front of a screen, watching a documentary, help? Besides raising awareness? There is nothing being accomplished except awareness of something we already know about. Greenpeace has been in the oceans for some time now, and waving their signs have no effect. Sometimes, in order to accomplish a goal, some civil disobedience is necessary.

The chemical they use is the same thing as rancid butter. It harms no one but makes the whale meat, from the murdered whale body, unusable.

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"The person pictured attempted to seize a ship in international waters. If I was the captain of the ship I would have used the guy for chum; end of story."

He was not attempting to seize the ship, he boarded the ship to make a citizens arrest. His charge, that the Japanese whalers rammed his boat, the Ady Gil, and sank it. Not only was it reckless of the whalers to do so, but men on the Ady Gil were almost killed.

In the past few seasons of going to the Antarctic to battle the whalers, the Sea Shepherds have been on the defense more than the offense. The reason being, what they are doing is working! The whalers are being hurt in the wallet and how do they react? Violence and destruction of property, on top of the continued merciless killing of the most majestic animals known to man.