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Congratulations on 11 years! Pepto-Bismol is absolutely what you do for Year 11. Paper, Gold all fades.. Pepto is forever. Fuck diamonds.

Seriously though, I haven't met anyone that can stand me for more than twenty minutes at a stretch so I have unrealistic/untested concepts of life/people/relationships but, there's a reason why the entire Before series is so beloved. It isn't in the high romance of things, but in the everyday ordinariness of it all. In the conversations, in the arguing (which is why Before Midnight is my favourite- it feels so very real: the compromises, the fighting, the negotiations, the little ways in which people know each other, the intimacy of lovers), in the comfortableness of things.

Also mattresses. I don't think I've ever felt as adult as when I bought a new mattress. They asked me all kinds of questions that I didn't understand, but it had WARRANTY... so, covered; right? I created a list of things that I think mean I've done adult things (sex stuff not included): buying a mattress, owning and USING red lipstick, buying myself pearls, and owning a pair of nice work trousers for those meetings I can't rock up in a pair of ratty denim shorts for..

Also, what is that fucking drink? Why are people so stupid?

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I'm re-starting my love affair with SBD tomorrow too! My lapsed love affair with the gym was heartbreaking, but I'm back for a second round. .and hopefully work/life drama won't ruin it this time too!
Are there any recipes in particular that work for you during phase 1?
Good luck! xx

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If I could leave Vanilla town and live in your pocket, I would.


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Oh, Little Sara.
I love that you have your priorities sorted. You're right, that is exactly what Jesus would do.
High five!

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...draft cover.

That makes me giggle so much,

Oh, such a pervectionist.


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Wonderful idea!
I'm going to name just one blog this time (will slowly share my favourites with you every week ;) ) Tom Read- I absolutely love him to bits. If I could stick him in my pocket and take him with me everywhere I go, I would. Just so I could take him out at random intervals and squish him. Now I sound creepy/unstable.

Tom: http://tbr-tangential.blogspot.com

Enjoy! x

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Throw in a number of trivial albums... and letting go of Andy Roddick and yeah, she's pretty high on my hate list. Good call. FO-real!

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I fucking LOVED AYAotD! I did a whole post on it for Cassie for Bloggerstock, THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT SHOW.
It is bad, fucking, ass.

Also. That sounded wrong, but who cares.

I want bacon now. mmmm.

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SO much awesome. ANSO much awesome. AND you can sing!:

what's the reference?! =/

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"I was also convinced that I was such a bad kid that Chicken was going to have a horrible birth defect. Like an ear on her butt, a horn, or no arms."

The single best reason why I should never have kids. I was one evil child.