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No conspiracy liar has ever caught me in a lie and none ever will. Stacey got back to me a few days later and explained that she and her family did know Tom Sullivan, but they knew him as a photographer. He did not work as part of demolition teams for Controlled Demolition, Inc. Needless to say, the evil cult that seeks to frame innocent Americans for the atrocities committed by jihadists will ignore the total absence of evidence for explosives anywhere in the WTC complex and will continue to strain gnats. Sullivan is no demolition expert: he is a photgrapher.

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Speaking of pathertic frauds, you demonstrate everything that is wrong with your evil cult.

Yes, Steven Jones is a snake oil salesman. His crapola about sooperdoopernanothermite was published in a pay-for-play vanity journal. Back in April 2009, some of us asked when he would submit his earthshaking findings to independent labs for confirmation. The consensus was that he would NEVER behave like a real scientist. Wow, that was easy!

Excuse me, but we rationalists have ALL the facts. You liars have your bogus science, distorted quotes, and adulterated bat guano.

Yes, Pearl Harbor was very much a surprise attack. This ancient canard is quite dead.

The 9/11 commissioners? Perhaps you will tell us the names of commission members who are twoofers? No, you won't be doing that?

Oh, you say that ALL of them reject your cult's nonsense?

Sorry, liar, you lose again. You always lose.

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How does making a fool of yourself help your evil cult to persecute innocent Americans for atrocities committed by jihadists?

You write, insanely, that a plane weighing over a hundred tons and traveling roughly 500 mph doesn't do "any real structural damage." You are not the least bit embarrassed to promote such idiocy.

The plane severed several external and core columns, shifting their loads. The impact of the crash also dislodged critical amounts of fireproofing. The ignition of the jet fuel caused extensive fires that weakened structural steel.

It's 2010, and you are totally clueless about the physics of the collapses. You wouldn't dream of glancing at the NIST reports, as knowledge is deadly to your fantasy.

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No, structural engineers are not demolition professionals. There is a reason why the fantasy movement can't sell its moonshine to anyone who works in the demolition industry. Sullivan is a photographer.

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The molten metal--it was not "steel"--was insulated by thousands of tons of debris, allowing it to "cook" for weeks.
Calls for a new investigation are disingenuous. Who will conduct it? If you use real structural engineers, physicists, metallurgists, fire safety experts, demolition professionals, materials scientists, avionics techs, crash investigators, computer programmers--why, you'll just replicate the original investigation! To get your desired verdict, you'll have to substitute theologians, radio shock jocks, America-hating academics in humanities departments, and other assorted cranks. You'll hear what you desperately need to hear, but it will still be rubbish.

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Gage kind of, sort of, leaves the PLANES out of his silly remarks about fires in high-rises. Gage is not a structural engineer and he knows nothing about demolition. He is decidedly NOT in a position to support his agenda-driven crapola with real science.

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No, NOBODY found any thermite or sooperdoopernanothermite residue because these substances were not used anywhere in the WTC complex. Over a year ago, the frauds Steven Jones and Neils Harrit raised a noise about their "discovery." A materials scientists who posts as "Sunstealer" analyzed their work and found that it suffered from over twenty crippling methodological errors. He concluded that the frauds were raving about red paint. I commented that Jones and his accomplices could settle matters quickly by submitting their samples to independent labs for verification, but THEY WOULD NEVER DO THIS. A year later, we have our answer. The frauds WILL MAKE NO ATTEMPT TO ACT LIKE SERIOUS RESEARCHERS. They will continue to make unfounded assertions, confident that hustling agenda-driven suckers requires nothing more.

Please ignore your "common sense"; it is far too common and lacks all sense. No engineer alive thinks that the buildings could have "toppled over." The laws of physics make that impossible.

My world is superior to your fantasy land because it reflects reality.

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No, I have never told a lie on any 9/11 forum. I returned to Stacey Loizeaux for clarification and she replied that she was embarrassed to admit that the bio of Sullivan I sent her jogged her memory. She does know Tom AS A FREELANCE STILL PHOTOGRAPHER. He was never a full-time employee of CDI, much less part of their explosives-loading team.

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Forgive me, I didn't realize that you were a totally uninformed twoofer. My reply is directed to anyone who might be genuinely confused here:

Danny Jowenko has never demolished a tall building. He is very far from being Europe's top demolitions expert. Jowenko agrees that the collapses of the twin towers do NOT resemble demolitions (by the way, why is he wrong about this?). He was shown photos of WTC 7 that omitted the 20-story gash on the south side. Since the release of NIST's comprehensive report on WTC 7, Jowenko has clammed up.

McPadden turned out to be a fraud: there was no "countdown" by the Red Cross or anyone else.

"Nanothermite cutter charges" do not exist. If they did, they WOULD MAKE NOISE. Silent explosives are a contradiction in terms. NOBODY heard or recorded the near-simultaneous series of blasts followed immediately by the collapse of the structure that characterize a controlled demolition.

Gage's gaggle of frauds and fools include almost no structural engineers. He has the usual America-hating academics from various humanities departments and outright crazies such as Charles Pegelow and the deranged Anders Bjorkman.

Gage continues to flee from confrontations with real engineers.

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When you write that Gage has "a tremendous amount of expertise on this subject," you are aware that Gage is a failed architect who has never worked on anything larger than a gymnasium.
He is not an engineer and knows nothing about controlled demolition.

There was molten metal under the rubble pile for weeks. The insulation provided by tons of debris allowed it to "cook" undisturbed. What does the molten metal have to do with demolition? Explosives don't heat structural steel; they knock it aside. Molten metal is not a product of demolition.

Your nameless--naturally--architect and engineer (NOT, let us note, a STRUCTURAL engineer) know nothing about demolition. Again, there is a reason why no demolition professionals take the fantasist moonshine seriously.

If Gage "won" the debate, what he get right? Anything? Was his jump-the-shark fiasco with the cardboard boxes a triumph for the fantasy movement? Or did it reveal a shockingly poor grasp of basic physics and engineering?

What did Mark Roberts get wrong? Roberts showed several factual errors Gage makes routinely. Gage 's game is to hustle agenda-driven zealots. He refuses to confront actual engineers, as he understands they will expose him. How does hiding from an army of critics advance the goals of an irrational lynch mob?