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Of course it was. The question is, why wasn't there an in-depth investigation into the matter? Why wasn't he brought to trial and asked under oath what he stole and destroyed ? The whole affair was dropped like a hot rock. Berger got what amounted to punishment for jaywalking. The GOP let him walk and now just suck their thumbs as the D's and the Mass Media Ministryof Democrat Propaganda blame Bush for 9/11.

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"Next week, when the top two executives of Solyndra testify – or don’t – we’ll get a much clearer picture of where these investigations are headed."

I'm guessing they're headed for the same trashcan that Filegate, Chinagate, Berger's theft of Nat'l Archives documents, the guns to Mexico scam, Al Franken's Senate election theft and every other Dem scandal goes. The GOP RINO's always retreat when the D's and their Media Propaganda apparatus threaten to expose some trivial piece of dirt on a GOP solon who was caught holding hands with an intern or some such.

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What I'm thinking about is what did Sandy Berger steal from the National Archives and immediately destroy during the 9/11 Hearings. Speaking of hearing I havn't heard a thing since. Ya think it wasa brazen Dem coverup with full Media complicity. Jim? Buehler? Anyone?

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" The US is no more exeptional than any other nation"
So what's your explanation for why so many people keep coming here to live? Do you think it might have something to do with the abundance of opportunity here and the freedom (fast disappearing) to take advantage of it?
Your criticisms are right out Howard Zinn. Lame.

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It's time to get real. There are two sets of rules: one for the Lib/Left and another for the conservative right. The former can, will, and always has, done whatever it wants with impunity. By the sheer impertinance of its very existence the Right is Guilty. Guilty of seeking to hold the Left accountable for its devious, immoral and treacheous behaviors and for expecting consistency and fidelity in upholding the Constitution.
But the Left, including its Mass Media Ministry of Leftist Propaganda, lives in accordance with its notorious Double Standard as the law of the land. By this standard the Left can do no wrong. To expect anything else is just disingenuous foolishness and Prager should know better.

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Don't fret Bert there are far too many real Jews who make up for the pseudo Jews of whom you speak. It's my (goy) belief that those pseudo (Khazar) "Jews" were the Bolsheviks who were at the heart of the Russian Revolution and carry that revolutionary compulsion even now. When/if I get discouraged I listen to Mark Levin and re-read Horowitz' "The Politics of Bad Faith" and my faith is restored.

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Since the time of Marx and his fanatic desciple Lenin, the Left has been obsessed with shoving a collectivist, coercive utopian, "heaven on earth" onto an unwilling and wiser world. Marxism has been subsumed by tikkun olam (hence all the Jewish names in the CCSRWM) but it amounts to the same thing: an intolerant, condescending, secular religious movement. Capitalism, the Constitution and individualism are anathema to this utopian collectivist mindset - hence its' fear and loathing of the Tea Party. The Left, impossibly, wants to effectively 'homogenize' the world socially and economically in the belief that such is the way to 'heaven on earth'.

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" Consequently, socialist economies don’t work; they create poverty instead of wealth. This is unarguable historical fact now, but that has not prompted the left to have second thoughts."
Socialisms deadly failures don't faze its contemporary proponents. They rationalize its failures as the fault of inept practitioners not its inherently flawed basis. Now the "new socialism", or "scientific socialism" is being seasoned with a dash of Obumbler "sharecropper Capitalism" ( e.g.; GM, Gen'l Elec.) to make socialism's otherwise fallow fields productive. Mussolini called it Fascism and it still didn't work. Now it's called the "Third Way" but it's still fascism and it still won't work. http://maxentropy.squarespace.com

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I don't usually respond to pimply-faced trolls from DU but I asked how YOU zit-pickers would handle the Afghan/Pakistan situation. No answer of course - all you twits do is whine.
And knock-off the chicken hawk crap. I spent four years in the miltary as have many others who post here.

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".... people don't like being occupied by foreigners, they will never stop fighting..."
People don't like having buildings destroyed killing thousands of innocent civilians either- remember 9/11? bin Laden declared war on us - not vice-versa. So how would you deal with the situation? Try to keep it real - skip the lefty abstractions OK?