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. The drunk across from me is tolerable until he gets drunk then he is Mr. Hyde on steroids. He curses out anyone, calls them nasty names and much more. All Can be said is to hold on boys your end time has arrived and you should be happy instead of complaining. I am sick of your fake ass whining over the bank crisis and the oil crisis you sound like a freegan bunch of 5 year olds. I can understand why the Elite don't have any respect for you. wimp ass pu$$ie$ is your true colors. I could go on but nothing or anything is going to change except change itself for this bunch of losers.

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The real divide is only in their head and rest between the 6 inches of their ears. They don’t have the ability to understand anything they were not taught in the public school system and believe it or not never will. Accepting your mistakes is something they have not the ability to do but consider themselves adults. The biggest mistake if you haven't figured it out yet is what you look at when you look in the mirror. Michael Jackson was a mixed up individual but that is one message wherever he learned it he seemed to be light years ahead of these simple minded predators of evil. Waiting for Jesus will only delay their misery and they are complaining but loving and holding onto it until the bitter end. Letting go is something control freaks have a very hard time deciding on. For the most part they don't and wont admit their is a problem. You know what they say in N/A and A/A isn't that one of the first rules I am glad the time has come for them to suffer massively for this is their demise.

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There is a disconnect it would seem in folks here and in our third world cities around the USA. The trailer park boys are not doing any better. The Midwest farm boys at least can stay safe in their little small towns hoping betty sue will finally give in so they can get it on once in a while after the beer fest. Costume jewelry is what we all have been fed and the cops are all mostly anxious to prove their manhood which they obviously have a serious disconnect with. The buffed and the fatter ones are steroid users and drunks who are delusional. This piece of dung USA is pretty much on it's knees waiting for the beheading. None of these girly men have the courage of old they want to see someone else get their hands dirty. There is a terrible disconnect of the people divided on issues of what they have been taught of as race, class and financial degrees.