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402 weeks ago @ Sinclair News - Do You Know What This Is? · 0 replies · +1 points

A milkman's carrier in which he carried the bottles to your milkbox and took away the empties ... Gosh I'm old!

402 weeks ago @ Sinclair News - You Want The Truth? Yo... · 0 replies · 0 points

Kudos Larry! I'm right there with you my friend!

402 weeks ago @ http://bastpagantemple... - Congestive Heart Failure · 1 reply · +2 points

Glad you are still extant! I still have you in my blogroll (I actually got a referrer notice from your blog today) so I'm glad it's not a "dead" link!
I wish you a healthier year this time around.

403 weeks ago @ Sinclair News - Happy New Year - Sincl... · 0 replies · +1 points

Thanks Larry for keeping it real (and keeping me on your blogroll!)

404 weeks ago @ Sinclair News - Happy New Year - Sincl... · 0 replies · +1 points

I am sorry to see your removal of my site from your blogroll. I will not remove yours from mine for I added it for a reason and that reason still exists, regardless of your opinion of me and my blog. UPDATE: I have been restored! Sorry for sounding off too soon! May God bless you and the whole LS News family this coming year!

406 weeks ago @ Sinclair News - Media's Reporting on S... · 0 replies · 0 points

Honor and respect for truth and respect for others compells your actions. How many other "news media" will follow suit? Few will I am sad to say. There is little honor these days. Kudos for being honorable Larry.

407 weeks ago @ Sinclair News - Through the Mirror w/L... · 0 replies · 0 points

So sad that there just isn't the cash available to keep you running in this troubled economy. I had hoped to be a guest someday but now it is never to be! Best of luck Larry, I'll continue to be a daily LSNews reader.

415 weeks ago @ Sinclair News - Free download of Jack ... · 1 reply · +1 points

Sadly, it's not free at this time, except to Kindle Prime members ... 8:20 AM EDT 15Oct2012
Still $2.99 at 13:07 on 15Oct2012

417 weeks ago @ Sinclair News - You Make The Call: Is ... · 0 replies · +1 points

Yep. Always have believed his story. As one with a lurid past myself, I commend him on his honesty and the pain it took to expose himself. I know only too well the fear and emotional pain this type of act causes. I too have confessed my past life on my blog (to over 8,000 hate comments and 5,000 hate emails since January) and in my autobiography.
Kudos Larry.

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Excerpt posted and linked.