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Who you telling pink doesn't work with my suit?

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The last crepes I had were banana and nutella in France. It was like a dream come true.
I love smelling people's food. I'll smell anyone's food if it smells good. But then I'll want to eat them.
And there's probably a beneficial place for pageants in children's lives, but I just love watching shows like Toddlers and Tiaras where the parents are sooooooo out of line.

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Oh my God, what time are you awake posting these things? Haha.
I definitely love my honey, but I'm almost out and my local "dealer" is closed for the Summer :-( She said if I ever see her outside I could flag her down and by some; I might have to.
Best thing eaten was a vegan gluten free chocolate cupcake--yum!

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I don't remember the last time I've had kombucha :-(
If you ever get tempted to brew up some beans, I'm all ears to hear about it.
That's funny you asked, because I tried to get a hair cut tomorrow but the person who usually cuts it is full and now I'm not sure what to do :-( I'm sure it's more of an obligation for woman since I don't care too much about who cuts my hair so long as it gets cut.

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My Garmin doesn't have a heart rate but that's not something I think I need. I can guestimate 100cals/mile and just eat when I'm hungry since I don't track that anyway.
My favorite wacky flavor combo is still oatmeal with pumpkin, peanut butter, and nooch. I swear it tastes like if you dipped cheeze its and peanut butter(something they sell here in New England). But that's really unappetizing in the warmer months. Funny how the seasons change our tastes buds.
Right now, my wishlist is for the new Super Mario Galaxy wii game, except I know if I bought it I wouldn't make time to play it. I think maybe when I go back to campus that plus a netflix account so I can watch movies from the wii and I'll have the most tricked out dorm there.

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I couldn't not workout with music, being on the road for 90 minutes I would get so bored. Unless I'm in the gym and can workout to the Today Show. That's even better!
I don't shop at thrift stores. I hardly ever shop. I have to buy new pants because I haven't in... 2 years maybe? I'll probably end up in Target
The best salsas are either local or from Trader Joe's I find.

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My favorite ice cream is their deni yogurt maker--yum

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You know me: I'm an intense early rise. I've been going to bed "Late" recently because I can't fall asleep. Mind you, for me "late" is 11:30, or 8:30 out West, so you're probably up a good 6 hours after me, lol.
I feel like I've clicked with so many bloggers, and then not with a lot, too. That's how we know which blogs to read and which to avoid I guess.
I've never once gotten a massage that I remember

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I'm glad you got your tofu presser! I remember you mentioned wanting one. I think I take mine for granted. It definitely is a lot less of a mess than a few study books.
I think one of my goals has been to stay in better touch with people from high school. It always feels weird at first reconnecting, but hopefully it'll feel just like old times soon enough.

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That kombucha is very cool. But I don't think I'm up to making them. I hate handling raw chicken, and after that picture, *shudder*. I just wish WF would man up and put it in stock.
My favorite cookbook. Mine? Haha, that might be a shameless plug. But I really like the veggie burgers I whipped up.
My favorite thing this weekend has been bacon. It may not be vegan, but I sure do appreciate it when I eat it.