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"Everywhere the chaos goes" got me. That's love. Great job Meredith!

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Our two, Optimus and Spot, probably know me as Sleep-Companion or Treats-Provider, and my other half as Food-Giver or, more likely, He-Who-Grabs-Us-And-Demands-Attention. Which is funny because that's what we call *them*.

If I am in bed or on the sofa, so is at least one of the cats. If I am working, at least one is asleep on my lap. My other half is the one who generally feeds them, but he also likes to play and pick them up when they are sleeping.

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I often wonder what the cats think is happening when we are talking to/mimicking them.

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Me too. I feel we are missing out.

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Oh man, now I'm freaked out. Well played, sir. Well played.

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I would have to be on the streets before I would give up my cats. Anything else, fine, I'll cut back, but those two brighten up my life every day. Fortunately, my partner and I do OK on our student stipends, and as we are in the UK we get free healthcare and other human rights.

Also, screw that other guy. I see your wife's creations every day and think *WANT*.

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My other half and I both work at the same University, so I get car rides and the occasional middle of the day hug. It's nice.

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I literally started jumping up and down in my chair when I saw Shepard Book appear. And Coulson's first lines had me laughing out loud. I really liked the Pilot, and I can see much greater things happening.

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I've always been a fan of your daughter (man, that sounds weird) from things you posted on Twitter, and LOVE her in the comic. Great start to this new direction, I'm loving it.