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And so, on my Twitter app on my iPhone, I just changed my default image service from Twitpic to Posterous. That is all...

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My biggest worries about WP 3.0 all center around plugins and themes. My theme is admittedly dated and I use at least some plugins to keep things together, but I'm not too worried since almost all are very common and very current. That being said, I'm still going to be nervous when upgrade time comes...

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I sent you an email but I'll gladly see what I can do.

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I agree that this plugin is most likely a waste of time, the biggest problem being that JavaScript doesn't do anything to prevent misuse and, to make matters worse, most content scraping takes place via the RSS feed.

For more practical WordPress content protection, I recommend feed footer plugins to ensure that attribution is at least included with every scrape, Also, there are plugins that make it easy to blacklist scrapers by IP address.

JavaScript is a waste and it actively hurts legitimate readers. Better approaches are available, widely.
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