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Mona Nomura


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My name is Mona Nomura and I work for myspace. Just signed the petition to let you know we're listening. Sorry you guys hate it so much -- I'll pass along the word.

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Love this part:
"When I look around product and engineering, there are so many unique things we’re building with very leveraged small teams right now. Platform is the foundation for an entire industry, and our team has about 30 engineers. News Feed is the home page for more than 250 million people every day, and our team has fewer than 15 engineers. Our search type ahead serves the same order of magnitude of queries as Google, and our team has fewer than 15 engineers. These are examples of transformative products that we’re going to build out over the next few years and I’m focused on making sure we build them out the right way."

That is why Facebook rules :)

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