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Yeah, if your parent actually acted like a parent to you when you were younger it's different. Also, like, a parent like this is pretty much the crappiest friend ever, who takes and takes and rarely gives. If I tell my mom about anything going on in my life it turns into how Thing X that Sucks for Me is actually hurtful to her, rather than being supportive.

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For everyone reading this post I want to warn you away from watching Zach Braff's Wish I Was Here because it felt like a movie written by this lady, where the son who cuts himself off from his emotionally abusive father is told he must go to his death bed because otherwise selfish.

Also because Zach Braff.

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My boomer (narcissist) mom was telling me about how she's going to some community meeting in her town where seniors can apply for property tax reduction based solely on age. I pointed out that that must negatively impact local schools and she shot back that it's not her concern, and why should she have to pay higher taxes when she's living solely on social security. Which will be gone by the time these kids are old enough to retire, of course.

Lady used to go to peace protests. Can't believe how self absorbed their generation has become.

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I love this thread so much.

My dad died when I was eight and my mother still talks about it like it's something that solely happened to her and had no impact on me or my sister. Like I would be forced to do all this emotional caretaking and would hug her all the time trying to comfort her and make her happy. Then I turned twelve and hormones started happening and I got mad and resentful and kicked holes in the walls and stuff (BECAUSE MY DAD WAS DEAD AND I WAS A CONFUSED, ANGRY KID) and my mother was like "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME???!!!"

Took a lot of therapy to untangle all of that, and it's still a process. My pregnancy was the worst. She couldn't handle the spotlight shining on someone else and spent nine months whining about her bunions. She told me she'd throw me a shower and when I showed up the night before she refused to decorate because it was too much work for her and she was in too much pain and I had to waddle myself up a ladder at eight months pregnant to put up streamers and how could I do this to her, this being the money she spent at the dollar store on decorations.

Damn. Maybe it's time to go back to therapy.

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It didn't hurt for me to pee, I just couldn't figure out how to do it. Like my muscles were all used to doing something else and were like "Pee? What is this basic bodily function I've been doing for 30 years?"

But yeah, otherwise peri bottles are great.

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SO so belated, but . . .

I am a hippie homebirther; I pushed out a surprise posterior baby in the comfort of my own bed with a CNM in attendance. However, more than anything, I'm a believer in the midwifery model of care. The midwifery model DEPENDS on the ability of midwives to send some women to the hospital because they've risked out of midwifery care. The freebirth community exists in part because some women have had really traumatic hospital experiences. This is why I believe birth needs to be improved across the board, in all settings. Unassisted childbirth is damned scary. Traumatic childbirth is scary. All women deserve good care.

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Try reddit's /r/babybumps. It was pretty awesome during my pregnancy. Also, don't stress about the new moms groups! I was really worried it would be like high school but actually everyone at new mom's groups are super welcoming because WE'RE ALL IN THIS [EXHAUSTED] SHIT TOGETHER!

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They are actually pretty good if you like this type of thing!

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We all do, Mallory.

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This is why the toast is amazing.