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You live in the South now... A debutante ball is in order;)

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and i am so looking forward to that:)
Julia Kate
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really loved the picture painted here... well love isn't the right word. your picture worked to relay the urgent message. Great stuff!
"I’m awkward, slow and not so good at this yet. But I’m moving, finally, hauling my huge carcass off the platform and starting to finally move."... sounds very very very familiar.

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hey! did you just call me a turkey? lol!!! That better be a typo or some weird texas/nashville way of saying totally;)
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@fragmentz: it's the points you've earned for commenting through intense debate;)
so fundamentally the perfect church will not exist until... the end, but there are elements of the church going experience that can make it quite extraordinary. some of my faves are: strong family dynamic & a sense of belonging, sound doctrine in preaching and in practice, responsible stewardship of finances (caring for widows, orphans, aliens, needs of the church family, etc.), secure in its identity as the bride of Christ and not constantly changing to become more acceptable but rather to become more like its true self, and i suppose a church that has a desire for me (not my finances, my influence, my experience, my talent... but just me, the good the bad the ugly and the beautiful). that sounds just about as close to perfect as i could imagine right now;)
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looking forward to that post Grant.