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As usual, great list TyB! I had heard of a few of these but still a fascinating read.

By the way, the atheris hispida just looks really pissed off.....

My brother had a snake when I was younger. I dont think he even knows what species it was, it was just big and not particularly nice. I remember one time he was too tired to go out and buy the fresh mice that the snake liked to eat so he decided to feed the damn thing my pet hamster... and make me watch!

I´m thinking the "not particularly nice" bit should reference my brother.....

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I´m guessing the Bulgarian vampires aren´t really anything to be scared about... Sucking up poop though your nostril? I almost feel sorry for these poor, loser vampires... Sheesh, even Edward Cullen is more of a badass than these freaks! :)

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No offense but "most important to always look good once she's a vampire..." Really??

I can appreciate a good love story (key word there being good ) so believe me when I say there are much better love stories out there for you to read... Preferably one where the main female character doesnt make you want to bitch-slap her every other paragraph.

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I just had a flashback of watching SHAKA ZULU when I was a very young child. The scene with Shaka on top of the mountain is exactly as I remembered it.

I never watched Band of Brothers for some reason. Is it really that great? As in, worth forking over the dough for the boxed set of DVDs?

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We use the word palanca in Peru as well. The word literally means lever, which basically means you need to apply less work to get something done...

The local word for bribe is "coima"...

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I´m thinking another Back to the Future movie! Marty McFly, motivational speaker for the Declaration of Independence! :)

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I had forgotten about the sea-kittens campaign! Just when you think it *might* be OK to start respecting PETA again, they pull crap like that... WTF were they thinking...??

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Big snore on the comments today unfortunately... Why is it people seem to think they need to be "oh so witty" by point out tiny errors in semantics? OK, so Switzerland and the Vatican have sqare flags instead of commonly understood rectangles... Whoopy effing doo. Can you just accept that Nepal has the most original shape and move on?

I do like the Phillipine flag some people mentioned, that would be a good addition. Kinda reminds me of the episode of the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon/Leonard have an apartment flag on the fridge representing trouble or peace depending on the direction... Always thought it was just Sheldon being his own brand of weird but I guess he was inspired abroad. :)

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Wow Justin, just a note from us "ignorant folk roaming this website"... Please read the comments that have been posted before you so you dont look like such a tool when you jizz the same dribble that´s been remarked on over and over (and over)...

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There is a section of the city that does contain a few of these "fun houses" with the erotic imagery... But no, it wasnt EVERY house, it was a few houses. I guess it was something like the ancient world´s red light district.

And no... I dont imagine getting into these twisty positions on a stone bed can be very comfortable...