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Not that it matters, but they'll regret it.

Since you knew, internally, it was time for you to move on, you'll probably look back and feel like they set you free. Sending you my best for the next challenge - I know you'll kick ass. xo

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My favorite (college) football team is the Michigan State Spartans. I don't watch a ton of NFL, but if I had to pick a pro team, I'd go with the Indianapolis Colts (even though they're having a terrible season).

Thanks for sharing the interview and the opportunity to win!

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Well you succeeded in making me all warm and fuzzy. x

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Thanks for sharing the article and your opinions. I fall firmly on your side and am honestly sickened to read what some parents call discipline.Children are little people who need our loving guidance to learn to make decisions for themselves, and who eventually learn to control their actions.

The divorce article is great - I originally read it in the NYT awhile back and was happy to read it again. Such a good one!
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Where are those from?! Do they come in first grader size??

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You will totally get to close the bathroom door at some point. Promise.

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Love me a genuine smile where the tongue curls up like that.
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If you figure out that hat, call me. I can crochet scarves all day long and that's it.

Also pumpkin beer, chili and apple crisp dinner in the fort. Do it.

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Love, love this. Makes me think about what is always near me!

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PS He's adorable and you're so pretty in the last pic.
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