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Nice ideas. I enjoyed Banner Day and I really hope that the Mets have it again next season. I found that the banners I liked best were the ones with one simple idea & image - there really wasn't time to appreciate the more detailed ones during the parade.

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It looks like the suspense is down to one bullpen spot, and I can't get that stressed over the choice between Izzy, Manny Acosta, Pat Misch & Blaine Boyer.

The 2011 Mets roster may not be built to impress, but I think it's better overall than last year's squad. The rotation will miss Johan Santana, but Chris Young & Chris Capuano look a lot better than John Maine and Oliver Perez.

There are similar small improvements in the bullpen and on the bench. I don't know if Brad Emaus is an upgrade over Luis Castillo, but we'll find out soon enough. I'll take a full year of Josh Thole over Rod Barajas, and a gimpy Carlos Beltran over a healthy Jeff Francoeur.

The 2011 Mets won't be challenging for the division crown, but they should be able to improve on last year's finish.

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Beltran will be the most obvious choice. I expect him to open the year on the DL, and I doubt a fast start is in the cards.

Luis Hernandez is another candidate if Terry Collins gets his (apparent) wish to make him the starting second baseman. There's nothing in his career numbers to suggest he'll even match the overall offensive skills of Luis Castillo

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I'd pick R.A. Dickey, but Jason Isringhausen may win the honor if he makes the team.

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Ah, but the winter hat giveaway is for a Saturday night game in April... I have the feeling it will be appropriate. :)

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I would like the Mets to scrounge around in the couch cushions to find money to sign Chris Young & Jeff Francis. They raised ticket prices for the fans who want to go to weekend games and sit in the upper deck, so they should do what they can to field a competitive team without tying up money in long-term contracts.

That said, even if the Mets go into spring training with the team they have now, there is no reason to judge Sandy Alderson until he has at least a full year to implement his plan for the team.

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Did I miss the announcement of Chris Young's signing?

Also, count me as part of the club that doesn't think Castillo will be around unless he can win the starting second base job in spring training.

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I don't really have a strong opinion - as fans, we only notice the coaches when something goes wrong.

Mookie makes me raise an eyebrow, though. It feels like they wanted to pander to the 86 Met demographic since they never bothered to interview for his position.

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They're going to be paying him until he's 38, and Jayson Werth is not as good a hitter as Adam Dunn. I'm not even sure he'll be average in the Nationals' ballpark.

I'm not worried - I'm happy he's not a Phillie.

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If Young is getting a guaranteed contract, a la Kelvim Escobar, I hate the idea. If he's getting a minor league deal (or at worst, close to major league minimum with incentives), it's worth taking a chance to see if he's healthy.